Get Your Daily Dose of Eggplant #EatYourVegetablesDay

June 17th is National Eat Your Vegetables Day, so to celebrate we’re dedicating this post to everyone’s favourite veggie: eggplant. Since the dawn of emojis, the eggplant has come to represent all that’s good in the world – dicks! So sit back, and get ready to feast your eyes on some thick and juicy eggplants.

1. If you’ve got a nice eggplant, stand tall and proud.

2. It’s not just about the eggplant, it’s about the whole farm.

3. Anyone hungry?


4. Sometimes eggplants need a little mood lighting.

5. Eggplants come in all different sizes and shapes. They’re all delicious.

6. Don’t keep a nice eggplant to yourself, share it with friends!

7. Make sure you also send them a closeup.

8. Dinner is served.

9. This eggplant is perfectly mouth-sized.

10. This eggplant looks thick and juicy. Who wants a taste?

11. He’s waiting for you to sit down for dinner.

12. Sometimes an eggplant just needs to break free.


13. You can test an eggplant by giving it a firm squeeze.

14. This eggplant is fresh and ready to be picked.

15. Lastly, always examine an eggplant from every angle.

Which eggplant was your favourite? Leave a comment down below.

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17 comments on “Get Your Daily Dose of Eggplant #EatYourVegetablesDay
  1. guymeat1 says:


  2. beach8 says:

    9 is desert 14 is a feast

  3. sicilianmikey says:

    Several of them, fuck yeah!!!!

  4. receptive2men says:

    fuk man Im truly a major lover of eggplant and will have as much as I can get…. captions on pics are so apt hmmmm

  5. peterandjim says:

    I will take 12 and 14 PLEASE

  6. hole_stretcher says:

    i’ll start with #4

  7. mbjk1956 says:

    Love them ALL

  8. needmen says:


  9. tahs says:

    WOW 2& 10 have the full package.

  10. pmaul says:

    You can’t lose with that subject!!!

  11. joeynmtgy8 says:

    I just wish I could find this kind of eggplant in the supermarket. (I’m sure there are some but they’re usually covered up so you can’t really pick them up and squeeze them to test their firmness and see if they’re ripe enough for eating.)

  12. bananajoe says:

    There’s just something about #7 That’s very sexy! Nice compilation.

  13. macman0123 says:

    All of these are very tasty,I will start at 1 and work my way through to 15.
    I like to touch so 13 is great,love a hard eggplant.

  14. stevok says:

    well mannered vegan that i am, i always need to clear the plate, i would sure enjoy this medley, line up men, all hot hot hot

  15. scot_bottom says:

    Would gobble up #5!! WOOF!!!!

  16. horny_48 says:

    Most of those guys and cocks are very horny! 😉 YUM!

  17. bike69 says:

    I will start with uncut# 1 and enjoy the rest of feast.