NEXT DOOR BUDDIES: Stationed in the bed this time around, Rocco has found himself a couple of studs. Johnny Hill makes his first appearance in the captain’s seat, and today he gets the chance to break in fellow hunk Donovan Wilde. Donovan is an open-minded guy with piercing eyes and a ripped physique, and this MMA fighter is ready to get handsy with Johnny. Donovan has done some light experimenting with guys, but Johnny’s here to crank that up a notch, promising Donovan he’ll ease him in slowly. True to his word, Johnny shows his delicate touch as he slides his cock deep into Donovan, taking his man cherry as he slowly begins to long dick the newbie. Donovan takes the dick like a champ, even as Johnny begins to fuck harder. Pounding him from behind and missionary, Johnny can tell Donovan is a natural, and as both guys lose their loads in a mutual finish, it becomes obvious that this won’t be Donovan’s last go round.

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  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Both are very hot but the performing for the camera comes across as silly, amateur, and staged. It doesn’t feel natural or organic.

    • joeynmtgy8 says:

      Gods, yes. We know. You whine about this EVERY SINGLE TIME.

      Can’t you, just once, fucking ignore it?

      You could’ve just gone “Both are very hot” and left it at that. But no. You just HAD to tack on your standard whine about a decision by the DIRECTOR. The models/actors do as they’re told if they want to get their pay.

      The “natural or organic” comment is funny, given both of these models have tatted themselves beyond anything “natural or organic.” And more than a few people might argue that sex with condoms isn’t exactly “natural or organic.” And, incidentally, I didn’t see a shot of the top putting on his condom, yet *POOF* there it is!

      • sicilianmikey says:

        Question….couldn’t you have just as easily ignored me? See the irony? And apparently my comment about natural and organic was lost on you. I didn’t mean their bodies. If I have to break it down, it’s probably a waste of time. I’m sorry you’re so angry and lately you feel the need to attack people you disagree with. I do hope you find your happiness soon. Whatever’s been bothering you, I do hope you soon can let it go.

      • johnnie10 says:

        you are so right about his whining all the time, I told him he should complain to the sites but no he just continues on here like we can fix it. he doesn’t get it he thinks what he says is so important and doesn’t give a shit about what anything else thinks. and always has a stupid comeback for anyone who says anything about his complaining all the time, just like he did to your comment here already

        • sicilianmikey says:

          Sooooo…why do you waste your time trying to get me to see things from your perspective? You both allow me to occupy space in your minds….rent free. Jack up the rent and kick me out! But nope, you’d rather bitch, whine, and complain than just ignore me. I ignore PLENTY of people here…because I just don’t give a fuck, answering either of you doesn’t mean I give a fuck, I’m replying because I can. You both claim you don’t care, but your behavior shows me otherwise. Truly not caring means you don’t say shit. Caring on some level means you’ll say something.

          As an aside, I didn’t come looking for your comments, just happened upon them while searching for something to beat off over.

  2. macman0123 says:

    Both gents nice looking with beautiful cocks and Donovan’s arse is nice too.
    Nice cock in arse pics,would love to see Johnny’s cock deeper in Donovan’s arse though.
    Enjoyed this set,I want both men to fuck me to the hilt.

  3. bimale1954 says:

    I want both of those cocks…and u know where!

  4. pmaul says:

    Not for me.

  5. guymeat1 says:

    Both please!

  6. rooster8 says:

    Like the 4th-from-last pic, where they both
    have their eyes closed. Hot!

  7. BearStar4U2 says:

    PASS ! And does anyone actually think having those trash can lids in the earlobes
    look good ? Not I ! Normal small diamond studs in the earlobes, OK ,
    but NOT those Big gaping holes with tire rims or trash can lids !

  8. chicago63 says:

    Is that the Gerber baby tattooed on his chest?

  9. Biman96 says:

    Both. Are hot

  10. peterandjim says:

    Wish they would bring back film footage so we can see them in action

  11. rptop says:

    I wish they’d eliminate the comment section, rather just look at more pics without Siskel & Ebert crabbing at each other

  12. bigpa says:

    Both hot guys, love the tats… but my eyes keep going to those stupid earlobe plugs… I know some like ’em, some don’t, but I can’t find anything more distracting than those big white circles under the ears. I’m sure my mom had 2″ white circle clip-on ear-rings in the 60’s that looked the same. Not at all conducive to hot sex… not even for my dad.

  13. countryboyric says:

    I’m assuming that Donovan Wilde is the bottom. Did anyone notice the bulging scar/sore on his outer right thigh? In the first shot it had what looked like a bandaid on it and during the shoot it had been removed and there was only one other shot of it. Every other time it may have been seen it was strategically covered by an arm or a turned leg. It looked a bit nasty and possibly infected by the size of the swelling. Thoughts?