Feast Your Eyes on These Guys

You’ll want to put on your reading glasses before you lay your eyes on this post. To celebrate National Book Lovers Day we’ve put together a gallery of sexy guys who sport the number one sign that someone loves a good read: glasses. Although glasses are often used to make a guy seem nerdy in TV, books, and even porn, they’re actually pretty hot. They can give guys a sophisticated look that makes them irresistible. In fact, four-eyes might suddenly find himself surrounded by four guys:

1. He loves a nice hardcover, almost as much as he loves a nice hard cock.

2. He gets deep into a good book, then a bad boy gets deep into him.

3. You don’t need glasses to see how beautiful this cock is.

4. His reaction to this cock is the same as ours. Yum!

5. Plottwist: the guy on his knees will be the one topping.

6. He went from pencil pusher to cock sucker in no time.

7. A great story is good to the last drop. So is a stud’s thick cum.

8. This jock wanted to apologize to the geek for being such a jerk. So he jerked him off.

9. This stud with glasses likes to focus on sucking and being sucked. Does that make him bi-focal?

10. This guy in frames gave this gif some pretty hot frames.

11. A good book keeps him turning pages, and a hot stud keeps him stroking his dick.

12. He likes his men how he likes his books: long.

13. He has two goals in life: to open minds and open mouths.

14. This guy isn’t thick, but his dick sure is.

15. Nothing like some frames to keep the cum out of your eyes.

16. Let’s hope he didn’t bring his book into that bath.

17. Sometimes wearing glasses blows, sometimes it doesn’t.

18. He likes a tough read and a rough fuck.

19. He’d never turn down a good book or a huge cock.

20. This face-fuck is high tech and high reward.

Do glasses turn you on? Leave a comment down below.

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12 comments on “Feast Your Eyes on These Guys
  1. macman0123 says:

    Glasses are very sexy,love a man who wear glasses.
    Beautiful cocks and tasty arses.
    1,2,16,18 very nice.

  2. TongueToHole says:

    On some men, a pair of glasses can really set off their face. However, in some of the cases in this photo set, the glasses look more like props.

  3. pmaul says:

    Revenge of the Nerds! Hot! (Not happy about wasting that cum on that facial, though.)

  4. jon4fun says:

    great pics of lovely guys with glasses – and they are sexy love wanking, sucking and fucking in my glasses!

  5. sicilianmikey says:

    Some are hot, others, really hot. Glasses are fine, bald crotches on men, it’ll never stop being creepy/odd.

  6. greggy says:

    very nice 🙂

  7. purpleorgan says:

    All sexy and hot! A very good set!

  8. daddy69u says:

    The guy for me is 14, the cock is big and I don’t even need my glasses to seenhim, will just feel his huge fuck stick. Mmmmmmmmmm,mmm

  9. guymeat1 says:

    WOW some great cocks here!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Biman96 says:


  11. cylvannj says:

    Glasses are okay. Some guys look very sexy. #1 is hot and very horny. They can be used as safety glasses as in #15!!! All pic are fine

  12. wheart says:

    Guy in first pic was sensational.
    Wouldn’t need a magnifying glass to see his cock