SEXY ON TOP OF SEXY! Wesley Woods & Pheonix Fellington…



RAGING STALLION: Wesley Woods is a hot real estate agent who is putting the famous murder house back on the market after a slick makeover. When Pheonix Fellington arrives at the open house, Wesley realizes that Phoenix isn’t a potential buyer, but an online hookup that he invited to the empty house before it opens. Wesley needs to have Pheonix in his mouth and gets on his knees to service his new boy toy. Wesley slurps and sucks and gags on Pheonix’s big thick cock as it grows bigger and harder in his mouth. It’s so large that Wesley can hardly take the whole thing down his open throat.

Everything about Pheonix makes Wesley horned up and forget where they are. Wesley bends Pheonix over the table and plants his tongue and face inside his ass. He works the tight hole, getting it nice and opened up then stands up and slips his big hard dick inside Pheonix. Wesley pummels his new fuck buddy in a few different positions before he settles on Pheonix on his back with his legs splayed wide. That hits the spot for Wesley and he pulls out to spray his load all over Pheonix’s leg and balls. Wesley isn’t done yet and begs for Pheonix to bust in his mouth. Pheonix grants Wesley’s wish by filling his mouth with cream. When Pheonix discovers he’s just been fucked in the famous murder house, he bounces fast. A potential new owner of the murder house soon replaces him.

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14 comments on “SEXY ON TOP OF SEXY! Wesley Woods & Pheonix Fellington…
  1. airlieguy says:

    love the blk guy yum white is good as well

  2. cardiffmikey says:

    both are pretty hot – i wouldnt say no

  3. scot_bottom says:

    Woof Wesley!

  4. sicilianmikey says:

    Wesley has been one of my faves for a while now.

  5. usechris says:

    1st naked pic of Wesley, omg.

  6. wheart says:

    Why make a choice.

  7. macman0123 says:

    It’s Wesley for sure,he is one hot fucker,love him.
    Great action,like the rimming pic and cock in arse pics very tasty.
    I want Wesley to fuck my arse bareback and cream pie my hole.

  8. bike69 says:

    Wesley is my first choice.

  9. musclejosh says:


  10. retprin says:

    want that awesome hottt chocolate cock for me and in me , everywhere

  11. joe_1152 says:

    Both for me at the same time, with me riding that black cock.

  12. namdlo says:

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  13. bimale1954 says:

    I want both of these guys to fuck me!

  14. Jerry11 says:

    Dang, Westley! Cannot believe I am overlooking his tats. Whatta hottie.