Happy National Farmers Day

Why ride a tractor when you can ride a hard cock?

Today is National Farmer’s Day. We think all of the hard-working farmers out there should use today as an excuse to take a well deserved break from plowing fields… to plow some ass!

Have you ever hooked up on a farm or with a farmer?

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19 comments on “Happy National Farmers Day
  1. arsebuster says:

    I m a farmer . Where are all the farmhands ? So many boys want to be fucked in a barn or on a tractor or quad bike but amazingly they never show up . A few have got it over the tailgate of the pick up though .

  2. wheart says:

    Seems like I had better get a job on a farm
    The guy in the third to last pic is sensational

  3. rooster8 says:

    E I E I OH, fuck me!

  4. rooster8 says:

    With an oink-oink here and an oink-oink there…

  5. sicilianmikey says:

    The majority of these guys, yes, please!!!

  6. greggy says:

    wow very nice 🙂

  7. greg405 says:

    Most of the above views are pure fantasy. As one who grew up on a farm, no humanly sensitive man would want to be hucking bales of straw without a shirt on, or being fucked on top of, next to, or anywhere near a prickly bale of straw or hay.

  8. guymeat1 says:

    HOW-DEEEEEEE……all of them, any which way…doesn’t matter…..all are hot as hell!

  9. marky41 says:

    Wow. These farmers are all so masculine and handsome. Third guy from the bottom is so damn sexy. Think I should give up my day job and go try get a job on a farm.

  10. StickItToMe says:

    WOW all those guys are hot!!! I grew up on a farm and retired from farming 2 1/2 yrs ago. I got fucked in the barn while milking the cows, machine shed, bent over the wide front of my big tractor and in the cab. Miss those days of going shirtless, wearing shorts working in the fields getting a great tan. Worked all day and then a friend would stop by once in awhile late at night and plow my ass good before I fell asleep. If I had a guy spend the night he would plow my ass good in the morning before milking and I would do my chores with my ass filled with cum. Miss those hot timess on the farm.

  11. Cantaz says:

    the need to be a farmers helper has never pulled so hard..Wow.

  12. TongueToHole says:

    Roll in the Hay is still one of my favorite porn movies, it which is all about city guys visiting a farm and fucking the farmhands.

  13. dragnflyman1 says:

    As someone else who grew up on a dairy farm, I totally agree with Greg405. Not that I’m criticizing any of the farm hands, but what dude ranch did the guy with the white cowboy boots come from?

  14. pmaul says:

    Marlboro men without the Marlboros. Nice.

  15. johnnie10 says:

    my cousins lived on a farm when I was growing up and I would go there in the summer and stay for a week, we never fucked but we did jack off a lot together and a couple of times we jerked off on the hay mow.

  16. fred99352 says:

    Most of the guys=hot
    Some( not all) photos range from odd to bizarre. What’s with the milk? White boots? I think the face of the guy getting a blow job about sums it up about the scratchy straw bales.

  17. cylvannj says:

    I was once a farm boy. Love all those farm guys. Wish there was more action shown

  18. macman0123 says:

    Great selection of handsome men here.
    Ex farmer myself,miss those days and hope to get back into again.
    Many a farm boy came my way and we had some awesome times,in the barns,out in the fields etc.
    Back to this set,hot fuck action here loved it.