I’LL LOOSEN YOU UP W/ Tyler Carver & Donte Thick…

NEXT DOOR RAW: Donte Thick is salivating at the thought of his latest massage client, and as he slowly works out the kinks in Tyler Carver’s hot body, he can tell this is one of those instances where deep body work is gonna be necessary. He rubs Tyler’s gorgeous body down, rock hard at the thought of having a go at Tyler’s ass, before finally giving in and pulling Tyler’s cock through his legs into his mouth. Tyler lets out a sigh and a moan as Donte sucks him off, and when Donte slides his thick cock deep into Tyler’s waiting hole, Tyler realizes he’s getting a full service massage today. Donte proves he’s got a magic wand as he pounds Tyler from behind, fucking him all over the massage table and hitting his troubled spots. He takes all of Tyler’s pain away, and Tyler proves he’s no slouch when it comes to taking a dick. He willingly works Donte’s hard on, riding it hard as he strokes himself off, spitting his load as Donte continues to fuck him from behind. Donte pulls out and blasts him with his load, and the mix of jizz and oil coats Tyler’s backside as Donte exhales behind him, both of them loose, satisfied and ready for round 2.

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17 comments on “I’LL LOOSEN YOU UP W/ Tyler Carver & Donte Thick…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Hot guys, could easily do without the pos ing, it’s not hot or sexy. Donte’s hair isn’t exactly flattering. Both do look quite fun.

  2. bimale1954 says:

    Both have nice cocks and no tats, that’s about it for me!

  3. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Agree with sicilianmikey. He pretty much nailed it all for me.
    They are pretty hot guys and the vid does look a hotter than the pics.

  4. digital28 says:

    2 deer caught looking at camera, not appealing at all!

  5. TongueToHole says:

    Both good looking guys. Love Tyler’s curly hair.

  6. Multitaker says:

    Nice cocks nice bodies. Silly faces in the poses spoil it. Doesnt make you want a second look.

  7. bigpa says:

    Both look dopey. Ever expression says “duh?”

  8. big4slim says:

    Curly haired guy is adorable.

  9. gary47 says:

    Donte can loosen me up and pound me for hours and hours, Tyler can feed me his hot loads while Donte is pounding me and filling me to the brim woof woof!!!!!

  10. B_B_Bottom says:

    The guys don’t do anything for me, but the setting scores some points. Love a good massage that leads to a nice bareback fucking. (It’s especially hot for me when it’s spontaneous–no previous discussion.)

  11. jimmybananas says:

    Both have nice hot bodies, but would look much better without the beards. Why do all the young guys need to grow beards these days?

  12. hl08809 says:

    really hot scene with the masseuse being sucked by the client while he stands at the head of the massage table. I had a similar experience with a guy who was massaging me several years ago. Naked massage is great.

  13. pmaul says:

    Here we go with the posing…

  14. crilly says:

    When I am being fucked or screwing some one I am not looking for the flashing camera

  15. needmen says:

    Would have to be Tyler for me

  16. bike69 says:

    To much posing for the camera.