PISS LOVE! (29 REAL Shots!)

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8 comments on “PISS LOVE! (29 REAL Shots!)
  1. loveitlarge says:

    The guy in the 3rd photo is so hot, anyone got a name?!

  2. skinswallower says:

    … makes me think I might enjoy having a stream on my ass,balls and cock …

  3. bobness says:

    Definitely agree about the guy in pic 3.

  4. Trunzo says:

    The guy in #15 has one seriously large cock.

  5. TopMe4urPleasurplz says:

    Freakn HOT

  6. Skippy22 says:

    Wait is that guy pissing on the audience? Not only am I kind of grossed out, I kind of wish I were in the audience…

  7. GhseSlut says:

    Like the ones where they piss on their clothes but do they change after or keep the piss soaked clothes on all day? Like the one seems to be by a garage car ramp.

  8. arthur12 says:

    wow I like the black stud the most