THREE WISHES W/ Seth Santoro AND Jason Vario…

RAGING STALLION: Seth Santoro and Jason Vario are kissing on the bed getting their cocks extra firm as they explore each other’s hard bodies. Seth is the first to cave and get on all fours to suck on Jason’s big, fat cock. Jason wants to return the favor and gets Seth onto his back so the studs can 69. After filling up Seth’s throat with cock, Jason takes a taste of Seth’s hairy hole. He knows that he’s going to have to get it nice and loosened up before he can cram his extra large dick into such a tight space. Meanwhile, Tegan Zayne comes in the front door and hears the sounds of sex down the hall. When Jason is convinced that Seth is ready to take him on, he gets behind the beefy stud and slowly slides his dick into Seth. He goes slowly at first, making sure to let Seth have time to get used to his big pole. As Seth gets used to Jason’s girth, Jason picks up the pace and pounds harder giving Seth exactly what he wants and needs, as shocked Tegan spies on them from the doorway. Seth’s hole feels amazing and after a nice long fuck session, Jason pulls out to cover Seth’s hairy crotch with jizz. Seth follows along and shoots his own load just as Jason acknowledges that Tegan has been watching. Tegan has been a bad boy. What will be the consequences of Tegan’s broken promises and sexual indiscretions?

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17 comments on “THREE WISHES W/ Seth Santoro AND Jason Vario…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Seth wins it because I prefer cut. Throw his husband in there, too!

  2. bimale1954 says:

    I want both cocks especially Jason’s big thick one in me.

  3. deepthrote says:

    The UNCUT cock thank you, genital mutilation dicks are a turn off.

    • robw says:

      That is YOUR opinion only. Stop calling it mutilation, just because it is not your preference.

  4. hrychstlvr69 says:


  5. gary47 says:

    Jason and that big uncut cock and Seth with that hot cut cock, drill me and fill me boys woof woof.

  6. williamjones says:

    I wish I could suck that big cock.mmmmmmmmmmm

  7. Jerry11 says:

    Preferred Seth since he is cut. It is safer to have sex with cut guys then uncut. Just a cautious guy here per my family doctor.

  8. assman101 says:

    Damn! 2 of the hottest guys you’ve had on here…fucking hot!!!

  9. 69sucknrim says:

    What was Mo Salah doing walking in on them?

  10. rob1213 says:

    Seth has a great looking cock!

  11. airlieguy says:

    yum can I have both guys please am trying bottoming again

  12. BearStar4U2 says:

    PASS on Both !

  13. hole_stretcher says:

    Jason is on fire!

  14. pmaul says:

    Hot, beefy couple. Nice.

  15. loveman50 says:

    Two hot horny men, well stacked and nice bodies and asses. Would love to play with both.

  16. cardiffmikey says:

    id take either