WOW! Marco Is A Beauty! (via FRATMEN TV) Uncut basketball jock Marco rubs one out writes:

“Fratmen Marco is a talented college basketball player from the south. An athlete most of his life, our frat boy had no troubles picking up girls with his handsome face, charming personality, and deep southern voice. Thats not all our basketball player has though. Marco sports a tasty uncut cock and a fat bubble butt. Watch our athlete put both to use in bed as he humps and jerks his way to an amazing cumshot.”


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16 comments on “WOW! Marco Is A Beauty! (via FRATMEN TV)
  1. SicilianMikey says:

    The only thing to make this even hotter would be some hot cum. Those eyes…I could lose myself in them. Adorable! And that body & cock & gorgeous ass. Ditch the fish, beef its what’s for dinner. & more satisfying & filling!!! 😉

  2. trueone says:

    What a beautiful ass! Especially nice in the video when he is thrusting and tensing. Also has a great body and cock.

  3. bijeff says:

    FUCK!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. markptbo says:

    Wow. Hot or what? A beautiful guy.

  5. meissen says:

    What sexy pubic hair to rub my face in it. What a pity the pubic hair is not blond or reddish……….

  6. DonkeyBottom says:

    I very rarely rim guys but would get my tongue between those juicy buns

  7. cockwrapper says:

    I wanted that uncut cock until I saw that very hot ass bouncing up and down on the bed,I now wanna eat that ass and breed that hole between those tight cheeks.

  8. busterfl says:

    truly beautiful man with one of the most amazing butts i’ve ever seen. Michelangelo couldn’t improve that. Perfection.

  9. baybubba says:

    LOL! Now that was just pure and raw lust – if only it could be bottled. Sweetest and most inviting ass I’ve seen on vid, and only topped by one in my hand. Hope this ass movement will be a recuring gif!!

  10. upnrddy says:


  11. Trunzo says:

    No man is perfect, but Marco comes damn close. And I melt for men with “deep Southern voices.” Thanks for sharing him.

  12. 69in_of_pleasure says:

    I don’t know WHY guys like him choose to show off their body, but you definitely don’t hear me complaining. lol

  13. Jonny_100 says:

    What a beautiful guy with a fabulous body, a perfect cock and a beautiful ass! And the short vid at the end topped off (pun intended) the great set of pics!

  14. MaculineFoothillsMan says:

    He’s No BEN GODFRE, and Southern Accents always conjure up that movie “Deliverance” and those Hillbillies, and….F*CK… now I’m not going to be able to sleep for days !!! 🙁 …. is my neighbour playing a …*GASP*….BANJO ?!! OMG !!!!

  15. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    very hot

  16. woodcock says: