Clothed & Unclothed Men @ Speci-Men (11 Pics)

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21 comments on “Clothed & Unclothed Men @ Speci-Men (11 Pics)
  1. sam2000 says:

    Proof that clothes don’t make the man! Natural is Best

  2. mattelboy says:

    What a nice surprise!

  3. Hairyconor says:

    Holy Fuck!!!! HOT as HELL. Pic 3 4 7 9 10 11. The guy in 3 is gorgeous…..nice hairy toned body with shaved head mmmmmmm. Love the daddies in 4 and 9 – what sexy big pecs in 9. I wanna take that thick cock in pic 10 – he looks like a real dirty fucker and pic 11 is sexy as fuck!! FUCK, I wanna take them all!!!!

  4. drystan says:

    umber 4 and 9 are sexy, mmmm id be between them in an instant

  5. morefun4u says:

    naked all the time

  6. tsab says:

    men in (or out of) uniform always have me standing at attention!!!!!

  7. SicilianMikey says:

    Many fine choices.

  8. charlie61 says:

    They are all very hot with or without clothes. It would be fun to undress each and everyone of them. And then suck them all dry

  9. baybubba says:

    Great show and hot as hell!! How many times have I done this in my mind?

  10. broASU says:

    wow now i can imagine several diff types of men naked even easier…

  11. Dog1 says:

    Send me #10 & #11 please. I’ll send them back when I am finished with them. That might take a few years.

  12. oorwullie2 says:

    Wow, love that idea- they’re all exactly how I would have imagined them naked!
    Now I’ll have to practise mentally undressing all the eye-candy I find!!

  13. tman41 says:

    Great photo layouts!

  14. zakery says:

    beautiful. I love imagining what under a guys clothes.

  15. mikepat says: the men in uniform, guess that is why I stayed in the service for over 21 years !!!! Getting fucked every day and or night !

  16. brett4062 says:

    Fantastic contribution. Love window shopping, and imagining what lay beneath. So hot to actually see it.

  17. markptbo says:

    2, 6 and 7….very nice

  18. donkeybottom says:

    Great concept; sometimes it’s nice to imagine the treasure that lies beneath

  19. meissen says:

    Most certainly No 2 if he lets his pubic hair grow and definately No 5 for all sorts of sex. Lovely mouthwatering balls to feast……

  20. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    All of them are very hot sexy and manly