Bubble Butt Superheroes @ G-Online! (8 pics)

What is it about superheroes that make us all so hard & horny? Is it their perfect V-shaped muscular torsos? The tights clinging around their crotch & buns? The mysterious masked stranger? A grown man in a very silly costume? Do tell readers! Here are some pictures for inspiration.

pics via G-Online

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9 comments on “Bubble Butt Superheroes @ G-Online! (8 pics)
  1. mradventure says:

    now your realy talking superheroes, come and rescue me

  2. SicilianMikey says:

    They look like WWE rejected wrestlers. LOL or Fez, Kelso, & Hyde (That 70s Show) knock-offs..lol

  3. arseeater69 says:

    mmmmmmmmm would bury my face in all three :+)

  4. Aya says:

    Lovely men, especially the last picture.

    Honestly speaking, I’ve never cared for superheroes at all (The closest person I had to a superhero as a kid was William Powell). But I’d definitely watch a film with these three in it.

  5. brawnbear says:

    Wow.. Spiderman is hot.

  6. sucksbigones says:

    show me their cocks…..i love superheros

  7. jake1224 says:

    mmmmmmmmmm Spiderman can wrap me in his web.

  8. imrightbehindyou says:

    Talented and HOT

  9. mikepat says:

    WOW. A hot body on Batman…I’d do that anytime anyplace !!!