Awesome Mega Man Post! (35 Images)

Is there anything better then images of hot men showing off & fucking? Why yes… being with a real man (or men) & REALLY fucking. But sometimes that just isn’t in the cards. So here you go… get off on these babies!

Gay Tube

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14 comments on “Awesome Mega Man Post! (35 Images)
  1. BigDave1955 says:

    #17 is a dead ringer for Heath Ledger.

  2. bitter69uk says:

    I was going to say the exact thing, BigDave! Number 1 with the tight, wiry little body and tough, cute face — I want him to sit on my face and ride my tongue.

  3. suckyouoff_chicago says:

    Awesome indeed!

  4. SicilianMikey says:

    For me, not my favorite set. But I found quite a few I liked. That’s just my 2¢… This set could possibly be the best for many. 🙂

  5. doc4 says:

    A great selection of hot guys – someone for everyone:-)

  6. azulmelb says:

    Omanoman – you’ve got the hot dude with the sexy eyes from the Carwash video! Thanks Coach!


  7. azulmelb says:

    Oh and thanks for adding some men of color – I’m liking the Middle Eastern dude at #5.

  8. ern says:

    awesome a great selection of guys

  9. littleboiblu91 says:

    some delicious looking men (and boys)

  10. TRAY2 says:

    #1 looks gross with the cigarette hanging from his mouth

  11. senior60 says:

    #3 for me, that cock balls and pits look yummy.

  12. trueone says:

    Love the shots where the imagination is stirred by having them in undies, shorts, or sweat pants. The guy in sweat pants lets my imagination go wild.

  13. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    they make me very horny and cum very hard

  14. mikepat says:

    Picture number 2 made my ass tingle and dick get very hard. He can ride my ass any time he gets hard, not to forget my hungry mouth !!! What a body and I’m sure a cock to match.