Can YOU Identify This Notorious Cruising Ground In Oregon? (via BUTT Magazine)

Saw this pic & article @ BUTT… I wonder if any of you dudes know this cruising spot, and where it is…


“Sorry. We can’t reveal the secret location of this notorious cruising ground in the evergreen state of Oregon, but ever since another nearby park got shut down — surprise, surprise — activity at this one has quadrupled.”

“Photographer Chad States goes out in the late afternoon when the lighting is just so, and captures intimate photos of real dudes having real sex. Even when there isn’t any action, Chad makes a point of instigating some so he has something to shoot, which is of course, half the fun.”

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10 comments on “Can YOU Identify This Notorious Cruising Ground In Oregon? (via BUTT Magazine)
  1. flamingkisser says:

    Have no idea where it is, but the wildlife and the “scenery” are both very nice indeed

  2. xboywunderx says:

    Never been to Oregon but it looks like a great spot.

  3. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    Nice place, I would like to get a couple men bang me outside

  4. cumtomeallover says:

    Looks like Copeland Forest in Ontario Canada, The area just off the
    parking lot at the park site… Very busy place and fun !

  5. andym750 says:

    Donn’t know where it is but would rather be withxboywunderx MMMMMM fucking HOT HOT HOT

  6. andym750 says:

    MMMM add flamingkisser to that too, his red hair and huge cock are awesome

  7. tomrosekelly says:

    Looks like Rooster Rock!!!

  8. xboywunderx says:

    Andym750, sounds like fun!

  9. bananajoe says:

    If it’s in the “Evergreen State”, that would be Washington. Oregon, is the “Beaver State”, but lots of nice dick there too!

  10. mikepat says:

    lots of nice dicks every place in the woods.. can be exciting and fun..
    love my time in the woods…going several times a week…