Horny Mormon Boys @ mormonboyz

I love that the “Mormon Boy” look has become fetishized like football players, cowboys & leather men before them. Who hasn’t had dirty sexual fantasies when they see these boys  in their crisp white shirts (usually in twos) on the street, on public transit or at your front door. And is it just me, or is one always a little dumpy lookin’ and the other… like the hottest fucking jock at school! What is that? Anyway, enjoy these boys (from MormonBoyz) and tell me your fave fetish look in the comments section… I’d LOVE to know.

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30 comments on “Horny Mormon Boys @ mormonboyz
  1. rambo548 says:

    mmmmmmmmmm sexy

  2. kenoj1m says:

    all of them…very nice…..HOT

  3. drystan says:

    hot stuff

  4. sicilianmikey says:

    Hot! And different! Sad this fake “religion”-don’t anyone try to convince me otherwise-brainwashes people with lies, dogma & blatant bullshit. That’s what happens when you fear thinking for yourself & or outside of the proverbial box.

  5. last_lap says:

    WOW line them all up and I’ll suck them all to completion!! Or I’ll suck them where they want me too!! Feed me baby!!

  6. g121s says:

    if the fit guy in set 5 with the short hair and long white pants turns up at our door we’ll be up for rape….and he’d be worth it MMMM

  7. Munro_93 says:

    they can knock on my door anytime they like! 😉
    especilly that first one.

  8. littleboiblu91 says:

    have always had a fetish for the Mormon boy look. Read a cocktail a little while ago from a regular submitter titled “Latter Day Sinners” or something like that that the writer swears is a true story and brought me back to the images of these young men coming to our door and me wanting to pull them in and ravish them.

  9. cripinbris says:

    use to have a look at Daily Squirt a few times a day and there use to be updates now just go on it once a day as there is rarely any updates anymore what has happen to Daily Squirt???

  10. stick19 says:

    GOD DAM but they are all HOT. They can cum to my door anytime!!!!!!!!!

  11. flamingkisser says:

    Very nice!

  12. waterloo says:

    If that’s what they did to get you to join the church…….OMG who could resist,,grrrr

  13. JTx says:

    Hot I love the mormon boys have let them in a few times to no avail LOL

  14. readie69 says:

    Yes set five. I can almost smell him- Hummmmmmmmmm! and taste him too.

  15. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    very nice and hot

  16. Voortmen says:

    Ill go for the blone in # 5 — Just cant resist a blonde!

  17. Trunzo says:

    Having had a Mormon guy or two, I can tell you they’re worth the effort. It’s all in the approach.

  18. monthis says:

    Hey sign me up, please sign me up lol

  19. BigDave1955 says:

    Yeah, looks hot, but true Mormon underwear is one-piece. I have a big-time Mormon missionary fantasy which involves defiling the sacred underpants.

  20. peprogers says:

    R this boys really 4rm d’ Mormon?..

  21. readie69 says:

    Trunzo, please share the secret!

  22. alexgood1 says:

    damn! i mean DAMN! i’d just jump at them. HOT MEN, HOT COCKS! OH FUCKIN’ YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. lignam23 says:

    when they knock at my door, none of them have ever offered me their cocks, I’ve offered mine but they always walk off! Perhaps the guys in the post need to visit me!! 😀

  24. leeds24 says:

    fuck me they are hot!

  25. suckyouoff_chicago says:

    Even if he’s just a model in a Mormon uniform, it is still very hot. His look is spot on though. When I see them walking around the city, they have that very same look.

  26. mikepat says:

    I had 2 morman boys come to my door, I let them talk, then invited them in for a little sex action, the look on thier faces was a scream, then the back up and took off running !!!

  27. oorwullie2 says:

    Just shows, they’re all really just wankers like the rest of us!

  28. jocklvr11 says:

    Holy crap! Yep those are the authentic Mormon underwear, the ones some people call “magic underwear”… now you know what Mitt Romney’s underpants look like!

  29. Trunzo says:

    I’d rather not think about Mitt Romney in his underwear. Ewww. Now his sons, on the other hand, ….

  30. Anonymous says:

    the very first and last are the same and he is cute the others are just reg looking dudes pretty boring twinky looking…i’d pass on them BUT the 1st/last guy yum!! he can knock on my door 🙂