Men Men Men and… ummmm… Men! (75 images)

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12 comments on “Men Men Men and… ummmm… Men! (75 images)
  1. RPG says:

    What a hott list of sexy, and scrumptious men

  2. cruisingforfun says:

    the asian guy is so happy with his fellah his hard-on just expresses itself freely and his fellah looks well happy with his lover too

  3. baybubba says:

    Hot and yummy!!

  4. jake61177 says:

    lots of hot guys

  5. charlie61 says:

    The guy in 11, 12 & 14 very nice but then so are a lot of the others. Love the furry guys in paticular

  6. BiBurbGuy says:

    Something for everyone in that collection….definitely some HOT ones that got me going.

  7. sicilianmikey says:

    Enjoyed most of these!

  8. azulmelb says:

    Hot dude in 11, 12 & 14 – me gusta!

  9. woodcock says:

    Oh I LOVE the guy standing naked with his jeans around his ankles in sight of a busy street (33). Absolutely what I like doing . He’s just gone out cruising ,is all ready for some hot sticky sex and doesn’t mind who sees him at it …. YUMM !

  10. moreskin says:

    The guy in the red rugby shirt has a cock identical to the one that popped my cherry.

  11. MaculineFoothillsMan says:

    OMG !!! MY COMPUTER’S F*CKED!!!! It must have ~*GASP*~ DELETED BEN GODFRE from the List!!! =( Can you PLEASE repost it Sgt. Coach!!! I know you wouldn’t make a list of MEN like this and purposely exclude BG !! Thanks Coach 🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    Love the photos from the Faultline Bar in Los Angeles!