Dirty Fiction: Randy For Randy

When I got home from work I was glad to find I had the house to myself. I was so fucking horny my nuts were about to burst. I couldn’t wait another second to jack off. I was tearing open the front of my pants before the front door had finished latching behind me. By the time I reached the living room I’d peeled off my shirt and was shuffling along with my pants down around my ankles. Under normal circumstances I never would have been so shamelessly reckless. But the circumstances were far from normal. For as long as I could remember I’d dreamed of the daywhen I might have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Randy Talbit’s cock.

The heavenly images of man to man lust had always racked my youthful soul with insurmountable longing. But of all the young men I’d ever been attracted too, my desires for Randy were by far the strongest. His smooth, chocolate-brown skin and slender bubble-butt had been the erotic subject matter for countless lewd fantasies. For years I’d harbored the thought of burying my cock deep inside his hot, steamy butt.

There was no escaping the images of Randy’s heavenly form. Whether I was standing in the privacy of my shower, or lying lonesomely in my bed at night, the thought of him was always with me. When I thought of the love we could share my body would grow numb with frustration. Countless were the times, when in my mind, I had undressed him and satisfied the burning curiosity which haunted me. Just the thought of seeing his smooth flesh completely exposed in all its glory was enough to send my cock into a spurting frenzy. Every day was the same as the last. Work was becoming increasingly depressing.

When I woke up and saw the sky was overcast I nearly rolled over and went back to sleep. The threat of rain always meant a slow day, I was sure I wouldn’t even be missed. Thank God I didn’t yield to temptation and went to work. As I’d suspected, half the guys didn’t show up for work, and of those who did none were particularly eager to do anything. They spent most of their time sitting around swapping tall tales about their elicit sexual conquests. As I sat listening to the constant flow of bullshit I couldn’t take my eyes off Randy. The tattered, old jeans he’d worn to work were distracting as hell. They clung to his long, muscular legs and shapely ass like a glove. More heads than mine were turning to check him out. When I couldn’t stand it any longer I went to the rest room. The stench of stale piss surrounded me as I stepped up to one of the urinals and began to finger my aching cock.

Jacking off in the men’s room made me a bit nervous, but I was so damned horny I couldn’t… the door. I stopped playing with my cock and leaned in close to the urinal so whoever it was wouldn’t be able to see I had a hard-on. Wait.

I was on the verge of cumming when I heard someone open. I couldn’t fucking believe it when Randy stepped up to the urinal beside me. I held my breath when I heard him unzip his fly. I kept my face aimed directly ahead, but my eyes were straining to catch a glimpse of his cock as he reached inside those amazing jeans to retrieve it. Randy made effortless work out of sighting my objective. There was something almost deliberate about his revealing stance. He had poised himself in front of the urinal in such a way as to give me a real good look. It was as if he had read my mind and knew I was dying to check him out. I tried not to stare, but I wasn’t about to pass up such a glorious opportunity.

My poor, love-sick heart nearly stopped beating when I looked down and saw how big his cock was. Never in my wildest fantasies had I ever imagined he might be endowed with such an enormous monster dick. Limp as it was, his magnificent tool was every bit of seven inches long, the same length as mine when I had a full hard-on. My masculine ego couldn’t help being a little bruised as I discreetly admired Randy’s incredible slab of thick fuck muscle.

But all thoughts of envy vanished as a wide stream of gleaming yellow piss spurted from the head of his cock to splash against the back of the urinal. I wanted to drop to my knees and take his big dick between my lips and tongue his draining black snake. Randy looked over at me. His eyes instinctively dropped to see if he could sneak a peek of my cock without me
noticing. I nonchalantly stepped back just enough for him to satisfy his curiosity.

Feeling his huge brown eyes zeroing in on my stiff prick just made my urge to cum seem all the more urgent. After giving his heavy cock a shake, Randy gently tucked it back into his pants and left. The usually vacant restroom suddenly became as busy as Grand Central Station at rush hour.

I was obliged to cram my organ back into my pants and abandon my mission to alleviate the pressure welling up in my swollen young balls. Now, stripped naked in the quiet solitude of my living room I could take my time reflecting on my incidental encounter, and give my swollen aching balls and stiff throbbing cock the thorough attention they deserved.

Seldom do I make sounds when I’m jacking off, but as my hand encircled my ridged cock meat I heard myself moan with delight. Diligently I worked my cock, stroking and twisting the loose, thick skin of my uncut organ into a state of orgasmic ecstasy. Even after shooting a torrid river of thick creamy jizz I couldn’t turn loose of my ridged, young cock.

I was enjoying myself so much I completely lost all track of time. I had just shot my third load of cum when I heard Mom’s key enter the lock on the front door. I snatched up my cloths and made a mad dash for my room. If she saw meshe never let on.The next day Randy wasn’t at work. It wasn’t like him to miss, especially on a payday. Late in the afternoon, just before quitting time, the boss came around with our paychecks. He handed me both mine and Randy’s.

“You gave me two,” I said, offering Randy’s back to him.
“Randy called. He said to give you his check. He said
you were going to drop it off at his house.” The boss looked at me suspiciously.

I nodded agreeably. I knew exactly where Randy lived.
I drove past his house everyday on my way to and from work.
“Yeah, that’s right,” I said, easing his mind. “I just forgot.”
I didn’t go to Randy’s right from work. I stopped at home first to shower and change. I wanted to be at my best just in case. I walked up to the Talbit’s front door and was about to ring the bell when I noticed a note tucked conspicuously under the edge of the mat.

It said: “Billy, I’m out back by the pool. Come around and join me.”

I went around the side of the house and entered the backyard through a gate in the privacy fence. It was like walking into one of those pictures you see in a home and garden magazine.

“Over here,” Randy yelled.

I stepped around a huge fragrant evergreen to see Randy standing shoulder deep in the most inviting, brilliant blue pool I’d ever seen. As I approached the pool Randy made his
way to the edge, but made no effort to climb out of the water.

“Thanks for bringing my check by,” he said. “I really appreciate it.”
“Are you sick?”
Randy laughed. His perfect, gleaming-white teeth sparkled like sensuous pearls in the late afternoon sun.
“No. I’m fine. My parents are out of town so I decided to just hang out today.”

“Oh. That’s cool,” I said taking his check out of my pocket.

“Just lay it on the table,” Randy directed. “I’ll get it later.”

After placing his check on the table I stood fidgeting nervously. “Well, I guess I’d better be going.”

“What’s your hurry?” Randy asked. “Do you have a date, or something?”

“No. I just thought I would round up some of the guys and just cruise.”

“You’re more than welcome to stay, if you want,” Randy said. “I would enjoy the company.”

“That’s cool.” I wasn’t about to turn down his invitation. “So where did your parents go?”

“Who knows?” Randy answered. “It’s business. That’s all I know.”

“You’ve got a really nice house”.

“Thanks,” he said. “I’d be lost without the pool. I practically live out here. Do you like to swim?”

“Sure. When I get the chance.”

“Well make yourself at home,” he laughed. “Come on in.”

I didn’t exactly come prepared to go swimming, but I didn’t want to turn him down —— not on your life. “Do you have a pair of trunks I might barrow?” I asked him.
“Who needs trunks?” Randy said bounding up out of the water to sit on the edge of the pool. I hadn’t realize until that moment that he had been completely naked all along.

“Aren’t you afraid the neighbors will see you or something?”

“I’ve checked it out,” said Randy. “Nobody can see, and even if they could you don’t exactly put me in mind of being the shy type.”

“What do you mean?”

“Boy, do you have a short memory,” he said. “After yesterday in the men’s room I would have thought you’d be ripping off your cloths by now.”

Suddenly I felt quite warm.

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to disappoint you,” I said as I slowly started taking off my cloths. A big wide grin came across Randy’s face when my cock sprang into view. It was half-hard and getting harder by the second.

Randy stood up and for the first time I had the opportunity to cast my eyes, not only on his enormous cock and balls, but on his entire body. The sight of him as he walked past me left me breathless with anticipation. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the absolute perfection of his glistening wet ass.

“I could do with something to drink,” he commented. “Can I get you something? Maybe a cola?”

“Yeah, a cola would be fine,” I replied noticing how much darker his cock was than the rest of his body. It made his overly abundant manhood all the more striking.

A generous crop of tightly—wound pubic hair surrounded the base of his horse-like dick. The cool water had drawn his balls up into a tight little pouch, but there was no mistaking that they were just as impressive as his cock. When Randy returned without drinks it seemed that he had lost all interest in swimming. Randy spread a blanket out across the ground under a huge shade tree.

There we sat Indian style sipping our drinks, contemplating our next move. There was no longer a need for discretion. The sweet scent of the summer flowers blooming all around us filled me with youthful energy. I stared shamelessly between Randy’s gaping thighs at his stiffening cock. The crown of his circumcised organ was an incredible shade of deep plum. It very much resembled a plum, not only in color, but in size as well. My tongue was all but hanging out.

“You have the most amazing body!” I moaned. Randy smiled, scooting a little closer.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” he said reaching out to stroke my smooth chest with his long, elegant fingers. He electrified me. His feather-light touch sent waves of lustful energy through my entire body. “That feels really nice,” was all I could say.

“You’ve got great pecs,” Randy said making my nipples harden with gratitude.

On our knees we faced one another and gently caressed the erect buds of the other’s pecs. Randy sighed softly. His organ, now filled with sexual rage, rose up to deposit a generous amount of pre—cum under my dangling ball—sac. I could almost hear his succulent nectar sizzling as it came into contact with the intense heat of my flesh.

Randy’s eyes were intoxicated with passion as he gazed longingly at my mouth. I knew just where to put it (but all in good time). The world around us all but vanished as we laid down together on the blanket. A calm breeze rustled through the leaves overhead. Ruttishly I licked the sweat from Randy’s long neck. His entire body trembled.

His huge cock heaved and rolled around on his satiny belly like a giant eel out of water. My wet lips quivered in readiness as I opened my mouth and descended upon the spongy head of his gay ebony shaft. Never had I ever tongued a more delicious piece of cock-meat. His fucking cock would have gagged a moose, but I did my best. I sucked as much of his big dick as I could, and was tonguing the rest. His bountiful nuts were on the verge of surrendering their sappy prize when he pulled his cock out ofmy greedy throat.

I was glad at least one of us had managed to maintain a degree of common sense. “You’re probably right. I guess I wasn’t thinking.” Randy laid me back, settled himself comfortably between my legs, and proceeded to devour my nuts. God, he was good. He tongued my balls until I thought he would lick the hair right off of them. My delicate ivory pouch was nearly raw before he turned his expert talents loose on my eager cock. Randy easily consumed the entire length of my cock in one mighty gulp. The intense heat of his oral chamber took my breath away.

I couldn’t take much more of this. Sensing my slipping efforts to hold back, Randy reached under a towel he had placed beside the blanket and pulled out a condom. I was content to lay back and watch as he unrolled it down the length of my ridged cock. Spitting into his hand he smeared the head of my shielded cock with his slippery saliva, he then mounted me with all the grace of an expert jockey. His weighty cock smacked against my belly as he positioned the head of my dick between the tight, muscular cheeks of his heavenly butt.

His mouth fell open and his head snapped back as the tip of my organ split open his narrow anal passage. Randy whimpered passionately as he guardedly lowered his tender, young ass onto the remaining inches of my cock. His frail orifice trembled frantically, pleading to be fucked. His lovable little butt tightened around the root of my explosive cock as he gyrated the twin mounds of his smooth buttocks against my sweaty thighs. The intense heat of his impaled rectum had immediately ignited the fuse of my volatile lust.

Randy’s handsome face became contorted with insuppressible pleasure as I began playing with his huge cock. Pre-cum dripped from the indented hollow slit at the tip of his cock’s magnificent blushing crest. My own urge to cum would be delayed no longer. My balls belt like they were going to explode as their hairy pouch tightened around them. My cock stiffened and jerked inside Randy’s belly, as I reached the irresistible point of no return. My fleshy cock hammered against his drowning prostate as I filled the condom with a devastating load of thick, creamy spunk.

“I’m gonna cum,” grunted Randy as he took his cock from me. “I’m almost there,” he panted urgently. I played with his big balls as he yanked persistently on his spastic cock meat. A solid arching strand of cum heaved from his cock to land on my chest. It felt delightfully warm upon my smooth skin. His asshole quaked as his enormous cock released a second generous wave of sticky goo. As his climax began to subside, Randy rose up pulling my cock out of his ass to straddle my heaving chest and smear the head of his juicy cock against my erect nipples.

It was like being stroked with a slimy, hot poker. Without warning Randy leapt to his feet, ran to the pool and jumped in. I was quick to join him. in the depths ofthe sparkling blue water I found him, and we clung to one another as our lips came together. I never wanted the feeling tingling through me to end. And it didn’t, not right away. Randy suggested, and I agreed, that I should spend the weekend with him.

For two glorious days we made love, pushing our young, manly bodies to their limits. It was like a weekend in paradise. I didn’t leave until his parents were pulling into the driveway. As soon as I got home I went right to my room. My bed had never felt better. My body was nearly numb. My eyes were heavy as I reflected back on the events of the weekend. As exhausted as I was I couldn’t resist jacking off just one more time before going to sleep.

My cock jerked violently, heaving wearily as I tapped my nearly depleted supply of cum one final time before setting down to rest. I could hardly wait to go to work the following morning. Once again I will stare wantonly at my beloved Randy as we go about our business, pretending nothing has happened between us.

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    there was a guy at work,,,i felt the same….his cock was enormous….he always enjoyed teasing me……ended up blowing him one night when we were drunk…sorry to say it never happened again..we did remain friends.