Sterling Williams & The Beardy Boys MORE EXCLUSIVE SHOTS from FAB Magazine (photos by Jamo Best)


Jamo Best

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17 comments on “Sterling Williams & The Beardy Boys MORE EXCLUSIVE SHOTS from FAB Magazine (photos by Jamo Best)
  1. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    Not bad

  2. Trunzo says:

    Sweet selection. But I’ll be happy to see the big-chunky-watch fad end.

  3. pgsaturdaynight says:

    Very sexy faces 😀

  4. blacktshirt says:

    can’t stand those big ear studs, and ginger boy CUBS ?? needs to cut and clean his vile fingernails

  5. cumtomeallover says:

    As I said earlier…These guys look hot and myself i have regrown my
    beard into a stach & gotee…If you google Me…Steve Marks Live
    You will see my pic… You have to luv men with beards, they are so
    sexy and soft usually…Gets you in alot of doors and pants ! .O)

  6. deafblind46 says:

    He is very nice man.

  7. Captain_Swallow says:

    Short, trimmed beards are hot – the long scraggly ones are not.

  8. BlkTop4whtbtm32 says:

    They are all HOT!!!!!!!! I LOVE the Ginger-MAN

  9. sicilianmikey says:

    Ehh…the first guy would be cuter if he wasn’t trying to look like an Ewok.

  10. bungalow says:

    The long beard is photoshopped or fake. It reminds me of when I was forced to be a Jehovah’s Witness – they had these bible plays and the guys would put fake beards on like the long one.

  11. bigbetter7 says:

    The first guy would be so hot without that bible beard .

  12. Giving says:

    The first guy is soooo hot but the beard? Not so much.

  13. hungrynm says:

    Love all the hairy chests & love beards, but not the long “bible” ones. He’s still a hot man even with that too long beard.

  14. charly69 says:

    mmm, a bearded ginger!

  15. ass_hat says:


  16. schaumburg says:

    Go Whitesox!

  17. brisbayside says:

    no 3 wooooffff