Too Fucking Funny: A Bearded Jeff Stryker Talkin’ “Dirty”

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25 comments on “Too Fucking Funny: A Bearded Jeff Stryker Talkin’ “Dirty”
  1. link52 says:

    This is really stupid & not a turn on but a turn off.

  2. bodyhair says:

    Always loved Jeff Stryker but was disappointed when he bottomed in a movie, always though he was just a top with his big cock

  3. nogagreflex4u says:

    Sooooo f***kin stupid!!!!!!!

  4. UIUC1978 says:

    NO… NO… NO…!!! Don’t say a word; just take your pants off and let us watch you jack off or fuck someone.

  5. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    LOL , different strokes for different folks.

  6. mattelboy says:

    What the hell is Charles up to now?

  7. giving says:

    That had to be the worst. lol, What a mess. lol, I can’t stop laughing. lol

  8. brawnbear says:

    Great cock but was never my type.. liked him even less when he retired from gay porn siting irreconcilable straightness..

  9. brawnbear says:

    Did he play the part of the wolfman in Teen Wolf?

  10. nookiemonster01 says:

    What a great load of SHIT !

  11. amlo1952 says:

    It’s almost always tragi-funny when porn “actors” try to act. I’ve also always wondered how much the writers get paid for this stuff.

  12. suckyouoff_chicago says:

    One of the worst ‘verbal’ guys in porn, always hysterical! I put the mute on his videos LOL!

  13. behairy says:

    Another sad porn tale. Jeff Stryker (Charles Peyton) was big in 80-90s porn with his fat 10 inches. Called a bud in the porn biz for an update. He got divorced, got custody of his son..considering the court’s bias toward mothers getting the kids and the general public’s thoughts about porn, how bad was she for the court to give custody to a gay porn star? The son Joseph was beaten/stabbed at 14 in high school here in Van Nuts as a hate crime by a Hispanic gang. A year later he ran away at 15 and has never spoken to his father since. Lost all his money in bad investments, gets some money from his nostalgic website and ocassional appearances, did a cameo on his bankruptcy attorney girlfriend’s website( Jennifer Aragon Esq.) with the oh-so-professional tagline…”Mrs. Aragon can’t be topped”…that will get you classy clients! Finally, this past fall posted himself on Rentboy for hire. So he is ready to do anything for some bucks. When you have nothing to fall back on but your dick, you do what you can, but at age 50 that’s a hard road. In this light, the clip is more desperate and pathetic than funny….good luck.

  14. senior60 says:

    Love Jeff Stryker, but this is pathetic, rather see his big fuckin cock and his nice butthole, while he talks dirty.

  15. cumraderie says:

    He’s past his due date!


    What a stupid prick.

  17. mick17050 says:

    definitely into it and i love jeff too!!!

  18. SpoogeHoover says:

    The beard looks painted on! Or maybe It’s the spray-on hair from the 90s

  19. hartsone says:

    Too bad things turned out as they are for him lots of us enjoyed his work and most of us saw a lot of it for free.I hope he finds a better direction. As for the clip there is a writer, director and editor involved too.

  20. wazr says:

    What movie did he bottom in ?

  21. sdtony56 says:

    I saw him in a play here in San Diego, he really is short, at the time my lover and I were there together, and we both got his cock in our hands and he was really nevous, and looked around for cops or undercover guys, and pulled away real quick. Nice cock, but shut his mouth, his voice just turns me off, way to over acted.

  22. bigbetter7 says:

    As the line goes in the movie ” Silver Linings Playbook.” ” Who are you to FUCKING judge ? “

  23. we53227 says:

    I would give anything to be in bed with him.

  24. Trunzo says:

    He definitely needs better advice on how to market himself. There’s good in there somewhere, but it seems to be sinking out of sight. C’mon, Jeff — get back in the game. Man up. You’re better than this. Start with your son. It’s never too late to make amends. He needs you.

  25. Trunzo says:

    One more thing — you look DAMN good for 50. Or 30. Don’t waste it on dreck like this. Prove the naysayers wrong — get out there and kick some ass. At one time, you were the best. You still can be. And you will be again.