Josman: Dad’s Toys

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10 comments on “Josman: Dad’s Toys
  1. ticklemynuts says:

    ok so how disgusting is this cartoon anyways… who jacks off with there son? This cartoon is extremely disgusting…. What son goes into there dads drawer and licks the dildo’s and hoping the dildo was up there dads ass…..BARF!

  2. mommasbigboy says:

    I guess not everyone is disgusted by this. I found it very hot!

  3. italy13 says:

    you’ve got to be kidding, with a dad that hot — any one would!

  4. avev says:

    this is kind of creepy.

  5. beefmich says:

    Seriously…what kind of whackjob writes this crap.

  6. AYA says:

    This brings back memories! I was 13 when I first saw this!

    I also remember the one with the plumber with the huge cock.

  7. cumtomeallover says:

    Well you guys are really boring…My Dad and I had a great time
    together, i will never forget the good times we had together helping
    each other out like real men do ! Get over yourselves gurls!
    Who’s your daddy now…

  8. AYA says:

    ^I have to agree with Cumtomeallover

    What is everyone’s problem? Is it because “incest is yucky”? I suggest you do some research to find out WHY incest is bad and why it doesn’t apply to same-sex couples. If it’s because it’s the guy’s father…again, so what? Physically he shows all signs of being fully mature, definitely over the age of consent. And since he’s obviously fantasising about this, there’s not really anything saying the father “took advantage.”

    And the funny thing is, that most of the people bitching about this will be complimenting on tomorrows picture of twins fucking each other bareback in public at a children’s park, saying how fucking hot brother on brother sex is. XD

  9. deeptongue says:

    I think it’s totally HOT!!!!! ..almost as hot as watching the Peters twins suck & fuck each other!!!! And, of course, ‘toons r always hot!!! [Rememebr Tom of Finland??]

  10. Jamie9066 says:

    If this “Cartoon” offends you stop looking at it and go elsewhere. One man’s disgusting is another man’s wank off. That is how it has always been