Who Would You Choose?

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52 comments on “Who Would You Choose?
  1. IslandGentleman says:

    The one that’s over 18
    which one ?
    Can I see some ID please gentlemen ?

  2. greenfield says:

    The one on the right. At least he knows which way round to wear his cap!

  3. sexpig01 says:

    Either of the black guys sitting down…

  4. nightdriver says:

    None: too much “boy” not enough “Man” !

  5. hrnydud says:

    The one in red shorts, because you can see a bulge!

  6. GEAAD says:

    Why not go for all three? They could all come in handy for something.

  7. shroomhead2 says:

    You can’t pick just one. I would take all three.

  8. handyer says:

    all three! lick those boys all over

  9. AYA says:

    The two boys on either end will top me, and the boy in the middle will be the one I top. At some point, both bottoms will get two cocks in their ass and one in their mouth. I’d assime the guy on the left, judging by his sizable bulge.

  10. mandirect says:

    Poor things have no hair – none of them is the answer

  11. tgirlnextdoor says:

    Ditto what ‘mandirect’ said.

    However, I may make an exception for the one on the far left since he looks like the type of guy who is usually hungry to be an eager obedient bottomboy for me 🙂
    By the way, I see NO bulge in those shorts.

  12. NEEDINSEEDIN says:

    I’d take the playful – looking one on the Right!

  13. joxxguy69 says:

    The one on the far right. I can see the top of his underwear and I woud like to slip my hand down the front to feel his man meat grow in my hand. He probably is hung, eh!

  14. uncutrobbie says:

    I would definitely take all 3. just line up guys with me on my knees sucking each one to completion and then having each one piss all over me. yeah a perfect ending

  15. Suck_Bud says:

    You sick fuck – none over 14!!!!!!

  16. flabearlover says:

    NONE. Where’s the real men?

  17. wolfboyz says:

    They all sexy, but i will choose and raise / teach to be excellent on bed the red short one. lol

  18. forcemetoswallow says:

    Wolfboyz, deff go with you on that…. the guy in red you can keep as a pet….. but i rather have the one on the right, he looks like fun 🙂

  19. tylerx says:

    Eanie Meanie Minie Mo….doesn’t matter sooner or later they all will blow

    The one on the left though looks more accessable as the one on the right has a belt to undo and the middle has buttons to undo where as the one on the right; his shorts would slip off nice and easy

  20. mcsausage says:

    The one on the right. He’s the only that looks over 18.

  21. need69now says:

    None, not into boys only MEN!

  22. sexs says:

    None, I don’t like boys I am afriad of the age they all look really young, give me so me men

  23. gburg says:

    GEEEEZZZ……arent’ they a BIT YOUNG; almost illegal age? We prefer men, sorry.

  24. cumtomeallover says:

    Not into chicken fed babies… Prefer the circle jerk at the
    top of the page left corner…yummers !

  25. dandys2000 says:

    all 3 white lads yummy 🙂

  26. jjaios says:

    the tallest one, lol

  27. bucksboy24 says:

    The one on the right

  28. hotboy739 says:

    definately all 3

  29. andym750 says:

    As long as they are legal i want 2 of them, the right hander and either of the leftys

  30. scubajunkie says:

    none of them but i would love to meet their Dad’s!

  31. 527christopher says:

    definitely the hottie on the left

  32. hotandhorny93 says:

    If we have to choose, the two sexy ass hunks closest to the right. The boy in the middle and the boy right next to him

  33. dan181 says:

    I would choose all 5 what fun I would have

  34. guycruiser says:

    None. Much too young and inexperienced.

  35. jake1224 says:

    I choose the two in the white hats. Good guys may wear white hats, but, I am hoping these two are bad boys.

  36. WantYrLoad says:

    If I had to pick one it would be the one in the middle followed by the one on the right followed by the one on the left.

  37. amlo1952 says:

    I’d probably pick one of their fathers.

  38. kingstonmatt says:

    Ha Ha i think its funny that no one considers the 2 black guys that are on each end of the picture… and as for my opinion… Aww hell Why not all three..

  39. sharkie354 says:

    the little one in the red

  40. tazzy1979 says:

    The one on the right, ‘looks’ over 18, cute, nice body, looks like he would go off well, could bottom me anyday…..

  41. colinj says:

    Hairless twinks? I’ll take a pass.

  42. Sly_One says:

    The black guy on the left.

  43. crazycanuck22 says:

    The one that’s not a baby still :S Gross man.

  44. Trunzo says:

    Assuming they’re all “legal” (that’s a big assumption here), I’ll take the one on the right (I like ’em tall); though the guy in the middle looks like he’s logged more fuck time. Still, I think I’d be happier with their older brothers or their fathers.

  45. luv2bfckd says:

    I would get on my knees and suck the cum out of all 3 of them , then let all 3 of them continually fuck my outh and arse till the they fill me with cum. I luv hot horny young studs…

  46. meissen says:

    None because they are sexless. Where are the real guys………

  47. tman41 says:

    Love to see their Dads all lined up!!!

  48. sjbict says:

    uuummmmm red shorts boy.

  49. JaseLovesCum says:

    red shorts boy after he turns 30 !

  50. markptbo says:

    All three look good.

  51. glasgowvisiter says:

    only option is black cap

  52. puplets says:

    All 3 of the middle guys