Who Would You Choose?


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  1. The two boys on either end will top me, and the boy in the middle will be the one I top. At some point, both bottoms will get two cocks in their ass and one in their mouth. I’d assime the guy on the left, judging by his sizable bulge.

  2. Ditto what ‘mandirect’ said.

    However, I may make an exception for the one on the far left since he looks like the type of guy who is usually hungry to be an eager obedient bottomboy for me 🙂
    By the way, I see NO bulge in those shorts.

  3. The one on the far right. I can see the top of his underwear and I woud like to slip my hand down the front to feel his man meat grow in my hand. He probably is hung, eh!

  4. I would definitely take all 3. just line up guys with me on my knees sucking each one to completion and then having each one piss all over me. yeah a perfect ending

  5. They all sexy, but i will choose and raise / teach to be excellent on bed the red short one. lol

  6. Wolfboyz, deff go with you on that…. the guy in red you can keep as a pet….. but i rather have the one on the right, he looks like fun 🙂

  7. Eanie Meanie Minie Mo….doesn’t matter sooner or later they all will blow

    The one on the left though looks more accessable as the one on the right has a belt to undo and the middle has buttons to undo where as the one on the right; his shorts would slip off nice and easy

  8. Not into chicken fed babies… Prefer the circle jerk at the
    top of the page left corner…yummers !

  9. If we have to choose, the two sexy ass hunks closest to the right. The boy in the middle and the boy right next to him

  10. I choose the two in the white hats. Good guys may wear white hats, but, I am hoping these two are bad boys.

  11. If I had to pick one it would be the one in the middle followed by the one on the right followed by the one on the left.

  12. Ha Ha i think its funny that no one considers the 2 black guys that are on each end of the picture… and as for my opinion… Aww hell Why not all three..

  13. The one on the right, ‘looks’ over 18, cute, nice body, looks like he would go off well, could bottom me anyday…..

  14. Assuming they’re all “legal” (that’s a big assumption here), I’ll take the one on the right (I like ’em tall); though the guy in the middle looks like he’s logged more fuck time. Still, I think I’d be happier with their older brothers or their fathers.

  15. I would get on my knees and suck the cum out of all 3 of them , then let all 3 of them continually fuck my outh and arse till the they fill me with cum. I luv hot horny young studs…

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