Black Magic


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  1. Gosh… Some days I absolutely want doing like right at the begining or right at the 7 minute mark…

  2. The only thing I find mechanical about this fucking is the godly speed and force with which he rams his dick in.

    Those are some mechanics I would love to experience.

  3. If there were an Olympic medal for fucking, I’d award the gold to this superbly athletic black top. What a stunning man.

  4. Please, oh please lemme fuck and get fucked like these guys, at least one more time before my time is up!

  5. WOW..could use some of that Black Magic myself, very nice body.. !! Reminds me of my black stud magic man of many years, fucking my hot whit ass !! White guy enjoing it as much as I do !! makes me horn as all hell, hurry and come home my black stud !!

  6. Black boys are delicious
    Chocolate flavored love
    Licorice lips like candy
    Keep my cocoa handy

    I have such a sweet tooth
    When it comes to love

    Once I tried a diet of quiet, rest, no sweets
    But I went nearly crazy and I went clearly crazy
    Because I really craved for chocolate flavored treats

    Black boys are nutritious
    Black boys fill me up
    Black boys are so damn yummy
    They satisfy my tummy

  7. Yeah, real black magic. What a fuck!!!! My pussycunt would be delighted to have such a black cock pounding it and seeding it. Unfortunately I have never taken a black cock and I would love one like this one, thrusting, pounding….

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