But, I’m A Married Man…


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  1. If it weren’t for married guys sex would be a lot less frequent for me. Seems they all want some cock attention.

  2. Reminds me of my first time. WOW. So many married men missing out on what they really want. GO FOR IT!!!You’ll never go back. Wish I had sooner.

  3. I just LOVE these two guys. But they sure did a lot more than I did my first time around – handjobs in the front seat of a pick-up truck. But readie69 is right: “Wish I had sooner.” I’m still affectionate with wifey, but there’s NOTHING like cock … as my ass was just reminded this past Friday evening…

  4. DAMN, that was HOT. Sure wish I had a hot, hairy “straight” friend like that around. Loved ’em both.!

  5. not a damn thing wrong with a “married man” wanting some ass and cock.
    I have had dozens, most returning for more than seconds.
    They cum the same as the next guy.
    Some even sucked me off before fucking my hot hard ass. There’s nothing like a good hard cock, married gay or straight !!

  6. The fantasy that many straight women carry around in their heads about fucking their gay men friends is mirrored in this scene. It’s completely fucktastic and a fun premise for a fantasy but implausible from beginning to end for a “Straight” man.
    Like a lot of gay men, I have had sex with married men but “Straight” men? I wouldn’t want it however hot they are.
    Closets and bi-guys are hard to cope with sometimes. If a man can’t relax with me I can’t be there. Life’s too short to be dealing with infidelity anxieties and sexuality hang ups. I’m not cruising to provide counseling and psychotherapy, I wanna get my load off. Cut the crap, let’s fuck, man!
    Great Clip, thanks, Sarge!

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