DAILY SQUIRT/ ON TOP OF IT! “Daddy Fucks His Boy”, “Becks”, “Hung Like A… Jane” & MORE!


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Daddy fucks his boy.

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Facts and Fantasies About Masturbation @ HUFFPOST


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This photo (above) of Thomas Jane, shot by Jill Greenberg, was taken for V-Man‘s “Risk” issue, but not published. A khaki suit was ordered for the shoot, but Greenberg had no interest in doing a straight fashion image, so decided to create an homage to Robert Mapplethorpe’s infamous Man in the Polyester Suit photograph. This image was eventually published in American Photography 28.

Vintage Boy Fuck!

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  1. If only that Thomas Jane pic was real – what is it with the film/tv industry’s obsession with fake cocks – really want to see Chloe Sevigny’s however

  2. when asking about real or fake are we referring to Beckham’s hair or that enormous dick? I will suck either I suppose.

  3. He is very hot sex so he will have other sex with the men so he will need to wear the condoms for the sex.

  4. It’s REAL and you’re Lucky he’s even letting you Look at it KNOWNUSER. Not that he’d let you touch him in REAL life, but anyway…
    And I wish that Becks guy would have a Shower at least before he has a pic taken. You think he’d let a Mechanic work on his car, and avoid getting Grease all over his arms, etc 🙁

  5. what do u mean its real MFM? thomas jane has been shot nude on tv a few times and no way is it anywhere that size then.. if its a homage to the original pic thats probs why its so huge.

  6. Sure would not mind a week end with that dude in the first pictur after the first video. Love those tats..bet he could really throw a wild fuck…

  7. ‘Daddy fucks his Boy’ one of the best videos I’ve seen on the site. What a hot fuck session with a fit defined Daddy in leathers mmmmmmm!! That young guy’s arse is fucking beautiful……totally intimate hot show. Thanks guys.

  8. They use Size reducing Cameras on the TV show, since it is a Public Domaine, and they can’t risk being Banned from the ..er…’small’ screen foro. This pic of him is with a regular camera and shows his true Size, Shape, and Details. There. Now ya know 😉

  9. I love a man in a suit… that just started my birthday month out well…. now if one man a day (LIKE HIM) was at my door up until my birthday I would not leave… P.S. The last day would be an orgy with all of them lol 🙂

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