Damned If You Do… Damned If You Don’t


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OKAY, here’s the thing… many of you hated the X-Videos posted here because of annoying pop-ups and many of you LOVED the X-Videos I was posting (pop-ups be damned).

Many people stated their concerns to Squirt & we listened…

But the videos HAD TO STOP because they were actually doing damage to the site… not just an annoyance but an actual tech problem. They were fucking Squirt’s shit up! Seriously. Not good.

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Now most of you have stated your disappointment… and are carrying on… for that I thank you.
I really hated getting rid of the vids (LOVE them too)… but there was no choice.

Remember, I did say that there were surprises coming! So stay tuned NEXT MONTH!

Now a very few of you have just been plain asses about this… posting snarky, bitchy comments… so this is for you:

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GO! Knock yourselves out… it’s FREE! GO NOW!
And to the people who have been NASTY about the pop-ups… DON’T WATCH THE VIDEOS!
Don’t click play… no, don’t…. it’s that easy.

I work hard looking for HOT & interesting stuff for you guys and I have a lot of fun doing it.
You don’t have to like it all… HATE away!… but you also don’t have to get all “douchebaggy” about it.

My rant is done.

Love ya,


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  1. And your efforts are recognized by the majority and I love and look forward to each and every hot post you make. Keep them coming, and you could not have given better advice to those who are unapreciative. On behalf of the rest of us – THANK YOU!!!!

  2. SGT you do a great job……maybe no one says thanks…..so thank you…I appreciate the effort & agree….if ya dont like it, dont click on it….its not that hard

  3. SGT. ignore them you know you ROCK! and you know we think you do too. I always enjoyed (with much anticipation) seeing what new fella’s you were going to be parading around in front of us, especially the furry ones HOWL! Oh and considering you did this all free of charge to us…..Rant Away Big Fella!!!!!

  4. Well said Sgt. Coach! And thanks. I used to only log on once in a great while till you came on board… since then, I’m on daily just to see what you’ve posted. Everyone’s got different tastes, so there’s no way you’ll ever please us all. You just have to ignore the ones who are ugly about it…. they are the one’s with a problem, not you. Keep up the good work!! You get me off all the time and don’t even know it!

  5. dang! loved the videos, but ill live. I just want to thank you for an awesome blog. keep it up! =)

  6. Well said Sgt. Coach!

    If people are getting pop ups when viewing the videos, then they should take a look at their security settings. It only takes a couple of clicks to put this right!

    This is what annoys me about people who decide to own a computer – they spend shit loads of money on such technology, but don’t know how to use it or get the most out of it, which is just a waste of money.

    Shame new videos won’t be posted, but thanks for the link…will be able to continue fantasising away whilst watching and wanking!!!

  7. As was sad by other users here, Great Job. So far I’ve been more than happy to log in and check this site. Great variety and it saves a lot of time because I don’t have to trawl the web to find some decent HOT content. You have a knack for finding a complete range of horny guys for us to look at (and whatever else) but you also cater for the full Gay Spectrum. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to next month’s Surprise 🙂

  8. well said s.g.t coach. i loved the vids such a shame they fuck things up,but im sure you have some thing up your sleave so keep up with the grand work you do, there are guys out hear who like very much what your doing.

  9. Agreed. Well said. I enjoyed the vids also, never had any problems with the pop -ups but it is not worth it if it is screwing with you and the site. You have done nothing but provide us with things worth looking at so keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next month.

  10. You’re doing a great job. People are idiots. I for one love the blog. Thanks for your hard work.

  11. Thank you Sgt, for the effort you’ve given to this blog. this instantly became the only ‘porn’ blog i go to when it was released.
    no hate, all love.

  12. Yes Thank You Sgt. This site is truly enjoyable. Vids or no vids. You do a fantastic job 2 thumbs up.

  13. The pictures are HOT, HOT, HOT. And a definite plus for staying with Squirt.
    And thanks for the link to the videos for those of us who chose to go there. There’s always room on my Favorites list for one more porn site. 🙂

  14. Thanks for the clarification, Coach. When you first said you were stopping the vids, it sounded as though you had caved to a few whiners. Glad to know it was about actual technical issues, not just people who were too lazy to close a pop-up window.

  15. yeah coach. I’m with you all the way. Can I sniff your sweaty unwashed pits and your dirty jockstrap coach? Please coach?

  16. I never saw a popup! Use a decent browser such as FireFox and the noscript add-on (and be careful what you allow when noscript puts up a warning) and you have nothing to worry about.
    For the record I loved the vids and have found my all-time fave twink felching scene as a result of them.

  17. As for me, I prefer active rather than passive cruising, so this change in policy not only does not bother me but, if it allows Squirt to keep offering this invaluable service, then I say “well done” Thanks Coach.

  18. Thanks Coach – it all makes sense – the services on here have always been good – so I dont want to see the system down because of stupid pop ups

  19. You know best SGT…. Im just looking forward to what you have lined up for us next month 🙂 I can log in to xvideos anytime, lets just keep Squirt up and running smoothly !

  20. While disappointed, I understand. Just wanted to let you know, I never had pop-up. Keep up the good work

  21. Winston Churchill once said: “Never have so many owed so much to so few.” True, he wasn’t talking about the majority of us grateful Squirters and the AMAZING relationship we have with our beloved Sgt. Coach, but he could have been. We trust you Coach — and the decisions you make, how you make them and why. You’re a bright spot in all of our days, and we can never thank you enough for that. We admire your creative energy and commitment, more than you’ll ever know. And when it comes to dealing with the ingrates who have not yet managed to distinguish between honesty and rudeness, illegitimi non carborundum.

  22. good on u, sgt coach! love the posts, appreciate what u can do to keep us interested. no worries about the vids, u have to do what u have to do. thanks for everything! (damn douchebags…)

  23. I appreciate all your hard work finding and posting what you do, Sarge. It’s a shame others can’t and all they seem to do is bitch & piss & moan about it. Thanks for all you do.

  24. Sgt. Coach.
    I’m sure these videos are as fantastic as all the previous, but alas I watched them on my iPhone, which alas wll not play this new format requiring Flah player . ;-( any chance of some of the origionsl format please. A really frustrated non viewer now. XxX

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