Dan Savage on his husband’s newfound fame (via Xtra.ca)


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Author, activist and advice columnist extraordinaire, Dan Savage was recently in Toronto to discuss his new book American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics, which is being released on May 28.

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In a sneak preview to a conversation he had with xtra.ca, Savage speaks about a series of sexy photos of his husband, Terry Miller, in a speedo. The pictures had just gone viral, and revealed more than just the face of the notorious reclusive Mr. Miller.

“It’s funny, it’s a real sea change in Terry,” Savage says. “He is really a private person and for years he wanted nothing to do with the spotlight.”

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Part of that need for privacy and anonymity is because of safety issues with the pair’s son. The family has received death threats and, as Savage says, there are some crazy people out there, “people [who] say horrible things about us and that DJ should be kidnapped.“

But once DJ got into middle school and high school, Savage says Miller had a lot of free time on his hands as a stay at home dad, so he started going to the gym, “a lot.”

So when a swimsuit manufacturer asked him to model some of their collection, Miller obliged, showing off his well-defined abs, pecs and buttocks. “And I don’t have a problem with that!” Savage states with a wide grin. “I don’t have a problem with people knowing I get that when I get home.”

Watch for Xtra’s exclusive full interview with Savage on May 28.

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  1. I wonder how the teeneage son feels about his dad flashing his butt crack to the world.

  2. If I were a teenage boy and my dad looked like this, I’d be proud as hell to have him share his assets with the world.

    As someone who has always found Dan Savage to be one sexy (as well as smart and funny) man, I’m glad he’s got Terry to come home to. They seem like a great couple, and great parents.

    DJ, you’re one lucky guy.

  3. Well fella’s lets face it you are not getting any calls for the swim wear photo shot!! Go for it baby you have it and show it with class, I had a father like you and I loved it, he was back in the 60’s one hunk, and I know it as a child that he was…I think he was a metro male ion the 60’s befor it was fashion!

  4. Both are very Lucky guys to have one another to come home to. Who wouldn’t want to go home with guys looking like they do, wooooooof

  5. I just wonder what other guys feel about guys calling their married partner their “husband” or for that matter—lesbians calling their married partners their “wife”—don’t get me wrong—I have been all for “same sex marriage” working for it where and when I can, writing checks and such to organizations working for it and such—but I guess it might a factor of the generation I am from—-but I just cannot quite get my head around guys calling each other husband. Even if I met a guy that I love and we did get legally married—I just don’t think that I would want him to call me his husband and for me to call him mine—I know its a bit wordy—but I would prefer to call such a guy “my married partner” and to be referred that way as well—or something comparable. I just don’t think I would like being called some guy’s “hubby” or to call my man my husband.

    I wished were were able to have a regular conversation at this site about such things—I would like to know what others think about this and if you all have any suggestions as to a better term than “husband” for a same sex male married partner.

  6. I agree with culturalinfidel. I wish there were a better word than “husband” to use in situations like ours. Being a “husband” implies that that person’s partner is a “wife” (at least it does to me), and who among us wants that? Besides, the word “husband” also denotes the partner who “manages” the household affairs. I guess if that situation fits one person in a realtionship then that’s fine — but what do you call the other person that connotes the same level of partnership and respect?

    I’m not fond of “spouse” (sounds odd to me somehow), nor am I crazy about “partner” (sounds like a business arrangement) — though that’s the word I use, as I find it the “least disagreeable” of our choices.

    I’d love to hear what other guys think. I know there’s got to be a better word out there somewhere — I just haven’t heard it yet.

  7. “Partner, yes…….is it better than companion?”

    Trunzo, isn’t it merely a case of redefining the words? Even to-day, Husband does not imply that anymore. In fact, many husbands to-day are the at-home person, while the wife is the provider and manager, or in some cases both balance both sides.

    A husband and a wife to-day do not equal what they were when Ethel Merman and Jimmy Durante sang about them, why then should they not mean something else when it’s a husband and a husband or a wife and a wife?

    Granted, I’m fully willing to admit that I’m just a whippersnapper and really cannot speak full-heartedly on this as marriage is DEFINITELY the furthest thing from my mind, and likely will be for a decade at the least.

  8. what i truly love about this, is that terry, was picked on and made miserable most of his life. HE WENT ON. It DID get better! and he is one fine man, that dan savage (husband) can go home to and “Hit on that”; as MUCH as he likes … life is good; choose life; it got REALLY BETTER.

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