“Danny” (from Sean Cody) is “Dakota” (a contestant in The Ultimate Fighter)!


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Remember Danny from Sean Cody? Of course, it’s odd to ask if one “remembers” a porn puppy like this hottie, since thanks to the Interwebs, porno is forever!

Well, Danny, who started off with a little JO scene, then a dildo buttplay scene, then fucking guys, then getting fucked, then threeways and all-out orgiastic four- and six-ways, is probably one of the more stellar stars of Sean Cody’s delicious stable of studs.

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Now he’s in a different corral, the mixed martial arts ring. His sports name is even more porntastic, Dakota Cochrane.


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Ultimate Fighting Championship has come under fire in recent months for its homophobic past, with LGBT groups calling on Anheuser Busch to drop its sponsorship of UFC over the organization’s failure to address homophobic behavior by its leaders and athletes. Which may be why Dakota Cochrane, a former Sean Cody actor who has reportedly been in more than 16 gay adult films and is now a contestant in the reality series The Ultimate Fighter, is getting attention. Cochrane, who performed under the name “Danny” for Sean Cody, says he is straight.

“It’s definitely a decision I regret,” Dakota told MMA Fighting. “If I would have known what would happen I definitely wouldn’t have done it. But I had money issues and I needed help. I went there to do pictures, and they started throwing pretty high numbers in front of me. I didn’t really think. It was a big mistake.”

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  1. Of course, just looking at those pics and the obvious films attached to them he is Totally straight after doing all that…

  2. I’ll never get it. But I’m not gay….I consider myself fully gay, zero interest in women sexually. If I had a porn-worthy body, no amount of money could convince me to do a chick. Maybe, and I stress maybe in excess of $25 million, but no pornstar is worth that, period. The amount they offer isn’t enough to set one up for life per se. I know a few guys that feel the same as I do, no amount of money could get the to fuck or be fucked by a dude. At the very least, admit you’re bi! What 100% straight guy wants a cock up his ass? Let alone anal beads! And fuck another guy? Reminds me of alleged straight guys that claim they’re still straight/not cheating if they’re just fucked vs being the one fucking! Its 2012 for God’s sake! Its a simple word, bi. So ya like cock & cunt! Ya ain’t the first, won’t be the last. I could maybe accecpt did it once for money but to go back over a dozen times? What’s the thought process as ya drive to the set? I’m gunna have a cock or toys up my ass today but I’m straight and I need the money? Anal sex isn’t for every gay/bi man. And lemme guess, the bullshit excuse of Viagra got me hard? I have nothing against the guy. He’s cute as hell! I’d enjoy time with him. And will enjoy seeing what he can do on TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) as I am an MMA fan. But its just time to drop the phrase “pay-for-gay” from our vocabulary. It sets us back 50-100 years. To me it says, I’m not for sale…unless the money’s good & my values, dignity, & sexuality mean nothing. I dreamed of being in Hollywood as a teen. Doesn’t mean I was born with the tools necessary. We’re all born gay, straight or bi. To say money can change that is utter bullshit. I might by being incredibly drunk or the like, but not because the money was there. All I’m saying, be honest & not hide when the truth is there to prove otherwise. Its no better than the damn Republicans that want to block anything & everything gay & yet get caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

  3. danny looks good with a cock up his ass and in his mouth! he should still do gay videos and stop denighing his true self

  4. Totally agree with Sicillianmike. to me its a little bit of ….me thinks he dost protest too much. If nothing else he is at least bi……no straight guy would get that turned on while having sex with another man no matter how much money he was being paid.

  5. Alright! Smart is sexy!
    SicilainMikey has said succinctly the most sane words I have heard on here in a while!

    very well put. cheers

  6. What always amazes me is when these guys do (gay) porn, for whatever amount of money, yet seem oblivious to the fact that these vids are FOREVER! You didn’t think anyone would find out? Really??

  7. I agree with sicilianmikey a guy from the real world Dustin Zito(2 seasons ago) sd the same thing when his past was found out by family members of the cast …he was on gay sites getting fucked by men, how do u deny tht, if u were so desparate for cash and u r str8 why not do str8 porn right??? why gay porn?? hummm that to me says ur gay and in denial or bi but i dont even believe the bi bit..this Danny guy and the Dustin Zito were/are in the spotlight and are clearly ashamed of their sexuality and dont want the back lash of being gay…im sorry if u get fucked, fuck suck or get sucked by dudes then u are either gay or bi..especially if u go back for more; at that point one cant say that they are curious or that they are “gay for pay” so if these men like living in denial then so be it…at the end of the day it is Dustin, Danny, other men like them and the ones they love that will end up getting hurt and remain hurt, so with that being sd they made their bed(s) and at some point they are going to have to lie in it!!!!!!!!!

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