David Cameron Joined Tinder… Is Squirt.org Next?


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2016-05-24Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron made headlines last week when it came to light that he would be on Tinder, trying to encourage young people to vote. While we think this attempt to reach some of Britain’s less-engaged population is admirable, we think that he should really join Squirt.org to reach another important voting group: the gay and bi community. This got us thinking – what kind of Squirt.org user would Cameron be?

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Liberal in the Sheets
There is no doubt that Cameron’s conservative political views are in stark contrast to his wild bedroom escapades. After a long day of debating and smiling for the cameras, Mr. Prime Minister needs to let loose in his personal life. Double fisting anyone?

Top or Bottom – Cameron is Versatile for Your Vote
The British Labour Party attacked Mr. Prime Minister when he was first elected opposition leader in 2006 by calling him “Dave the Chameleon”, because he often changed his views based on his audience. While we’re not going to comment on his flip flopping in regards to important issues, we’re convinced he likes a good flip fuck. He’s just as versatile in bed as he is in his political work. So whether you want to top him or you want to ride him like a rookie journalist on Election Day, he’s down… as long as you vote!

A Smooth Body from Head to Toe
Cameron has been known to really clean up for the cameras – often changing outfits throughout the day. He likely takes personal grooming to the same extreme, shaving every last hair so you can slide right into his ass and, if his plans succeed, right into the voting booth.

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Putting the ‘D’ in Democracy
All-in-all, we think that UK Prime Minister David Cameron is ready to earn the gay vote by joining a site that will literally put him in touch with young voters. He’s a driven politician and might be willing to ride some pole to get young people to the poll.

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    • Having planted that thought and those pictures in my mind now I’m going to have nightmares!

  1. My dad always calls him a little p*@#k it looks like he’s right lol!
    It would be good to screw him in reality though

  2. This is really disturbing – he has a kind of porcine face, probably why he was partial to fucking dead pig’s heads from his Bullingdon Club days for spoilt posh boys. Would rather he do that than fuck the British public – he’s not that democratic either.

  3. What you guys have done is soooo rude and vulgar. As a Canadian and part of the British Commonwealth we are not amused!!!!!! Typical American rudeness.

  4. Funny! Of course, then you get the PC Police who get their panties in a wad over this kind of satire. To those I say, “Kiss our satire. Go PC yourself!” A good fun “Poke” can always hit your funny bone.

  5. Surely these pictures have to be fake. If David Cameron advertised himself in this way private or otherwise he would be instantly dismissed by Her Majesties Government. This is an absolute insult to David Cameron his wife and family. Their young son died only a few years ago aged just six years old from Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. Shame on you Squirt for your disgusting gesture to place this on your website. It is not only an insult to the person concerned but also to the English people and their Monarch.

  6. I would like to thank Tommytightcheeks. He’s right Squirt, you should never, never have done this stupid thing regarding the pics of David Cameron. You need to apologize to all your Canadian Squirt subscribers and Canadians as a whole. You also need to apologize to all the people of England. And to Manways, take a pill, because I’m sure you’d be upset if one of your President’s was portrayed as rudely as Squirt has done to David Cameron and his family.

  7. As a British “subject” I’m more than happy to satirise our politicians and monarch, especially this politician.

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