Falcon’s Erik Rhodes Has Passed Away In His Sleep


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Incredibly saddened to learn of the death of our friend, adult-film star Erik Rhodes, who apparently died in his sleep last night. The 30-year-old Long Island-native was a truly hilarious and larger-than-life character as well-known for his wicked sense of humor as he was for his enormous muscles. Rhodes was a legend in the gay adult film world. His fame transcended porn and he did mainstream modeling (famously appearing in an ad for Loehman’s department store) and sat front row at the Marc Jacobs fashion show. We’ll cherish his hilarious stories that didn’t make it to print — including the one of him losing his virginity at a Mexican restaurant in a strip mall and being served a burrito lunch on the set of his adult film debut. He was a true New York character and we’ll miss him like crazy.

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  1. that’s a very sad news-he’s one of my favourite versatile gay-porn actors.at least,he’s in one of my dvd collection.

  2. What strikes me most about this is the sensitive and tactful way in which you reported the news. “A MAN IS DEAD. OH BY THE WAY HERE’S A DOZEN PICTURES OF HIS DICK.”

  3. Seriously though, he was probably watching Falcon porn. I know it causes ME to lapse into a sleep so deep it approaches death itself.. they should put a warning label on them or something.

  4. How sad when any young person passes away regardless of the circumstances. Perhaps showing the naked pics of him was a little unnecessary and could have been left to a tribute to him at a later date but then he was a porn star and had it been a star in any other genre we probably would have seen out-take pics from their work. RIP

  5. A healthy 30 year old passes away in his sleep? I was a fan and my question is where’s the rest of this story. What isn’t there is what raises many questions for me.

  6. Erik’s blog honestly lays out the last few months of his life…Meth use, huge intake of steroids, break up with his boyfriend, hospitalization in Bellevue on a 72 hour hold, – he was in a very dark place in his life questioning how he got to where he was, and worried about hurting the one person in his life who seemed to matter to him: his twin brother. A sad end to an uncommonly beautiful man.

  7. RIP Eric.
    For all those wondering, he passed away because of a heart attack.
    And Jackpapa, Eric had a current boyfriend that he left behind.

  8. Thats kinna sad. He was one of the first porn actors i ever knew of.
    But….it is kinna weird to look at naked pictures of a now dead-guy :p

  9. He’ll be missed, both on and off the screen. He was larger than life, in both heart and talent. What a beautiful man — his was a life to be celebrated.

  10. OMG…Another ICON of Healthy and Up-standing character, someone EVERYONE could only Hope to Emulate, and to think he was Gay…OH, my life is SOOOOO EMPTY and Shallow now, I Don’t know HOW I’ve managed to last this long NEVER having seen, or even known this GOD Existed, and now… OMG…. HOW CAN I GO ON??!!! I am Numb…my Life has NO Meaning anymore…What am I going to do??!!! I KNOW…. I’ll go out anddo all the Drugs I can Buy from some Street Dealer, Down them all with Gallons of Booze, and Head to te Baths to be gang Banged by Anybody there ( Bareback, in Honour of this GOD ) in hopes I find a Loving BF who will be Devoted to me, until he leaves me when he realizes I have nothing else to Offer but Sex ( after all I am a Porn Star…what other Talent is needed …DUH !)
    OK, I’ve moved on, like you all should. NEXT !!!!Prorities People !!!!! Never mind… just remembered the Crowd here Worshps these Wasted Losers.

  11. I think it’s sad that Erik Rhodes felt that he had no one he could turn to who could help him thru the personal crisis’ he experienced in his young life. There is nothing wrong with enjoying sex, even as a porn star. Life is meant to be enjoyed. It is only when we do things in which we hurt ourselves or others that we separate ourselves from the joy of living & being happy. It’s never too late to change that. If you know someone in a similar state of mind, whether it involves drugs & alcohol or not, reach out to them with gestures of kindness & help. And if you can get them to get out & help someone else, alone or with others, I believe you can help save them from self-destruction. Just don’t give them the time to fall back into their usual habits & ways.

  12. His blog was a really uncomfortable read.

    So many uptight bitches on here. Showing naked pictures of a man who spent his whole career naked is not in bad taste, it’s what he did and he did not feel ashamed of that, get over it.

    As for the asshole who went off on his lack of worth because he was a porn star. Tragic deaths are generally sad, I don’t think his character is important in regards to the tragedy. As for the “crowd here” blanket statements are widely offensive and generally incorrect. But you’d be wise to remember you’re a part of said crowd, and doubly so to remember where you’re posting. Don’t be surprised that people elect to only show one facet of themselves on a site that lists the best places in public to get your dick sucked.

  13. Sad, how people can judge one another. It is a sad passing and we all should be ashamed of people who write about others, after their dead and gone.

  14. You made a Typo bike69. Major one. Should read ” …one more DEAD legend of gay porn. Yeah Pity he won’t be Selling his Ass to the Highest Bidder in Palm Springs, or where ever such “Talented” minds go, along with all the other “Legends” of the Porn world. Maybe they can use their Celebrity / God status to get a Lucrative, after Porn career, asking if you’d like to “Super Size” your order from an Ex, Hung, Aged, Porn Star. NEXT !

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