Freshman Car Wash – Andrew Christian Style (via azulmelb & JaseLC)


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This is a fun sexy video for Andrew Christian underwear. Wet boys with fine booties, showgirl dance moves… and floppy dirty bits! You’ll also notice model “Quinn” in the mix. The above version is a clean version for You Tube… click below for the uncensored version! Thanks Azulmelb for the link. XXXO SC


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  1. I’ve been trying for days to get to the uncensored version – alas no luck. Guess AC is not coping with demand

  2. You can check Quin out a few posts early on squirt blog – correct me if I’m wrong but he features in this add

  3. OH WOW – a shout-out by Sgt. Coach?? I’m – I’m — *speechless*

    Heh. It wasn’t that hard to find. And I give a shout-out to JaseLC for telling us about the video!

    But Coach – I think you may have inadvertently caused the site to shut down by posting a link on Squirt – too much traffic is overloading the site, much more than it can handle (the slashdot effect)!

    It was working when I went there earlier too!

  4. Re: the video itself – isn’t there a Ben Godfre lookalike in the mix? And who is the dude in the beginning and at 2:10-2:15 – he’s STUNNING!

  5. I just watched both the uncensored version and the censored YouTube version.
    Both still good for obvious reasons, but they’re practically the same except the uncensored version shows naked arse rubbing on the windscreen, wedgies and the guy doing the splitz with dangly bits.
    But it didn’t show any dick whatsoever!
    When I see the word “uncensored”, I expect to see nakedness, not more tame crap!
    Pfft! Americans…

    Or is that the Australian tv viewing freedom way of life that I’m used to?
    (We can say “suck dick” on national prime-time tv! LOL)

  6. Thanks for finally posting this (I thought I mentioned it 2 days ago?)
    I’d love to know who the guy with the sexy eyes is at the beginning too.
    ps not all of us Australians share the same negative view as Mr Lexx. I love Americans … and Canadians for that matter … the ones I’ve been with all love to swallow 😉

  7. I love Americans (and other races in general), it’s just that what they think is “uncensored” is rather tame to me!

  8. My experience has been that when you get a bunch of guys this close to naked and fooling around, they generally go the rest of the way all by themselves. I guarantee it got even hotter when the camera stopped filming.

  9. OK I think it’s time to have this talk, hot guys, great video, cool jocks, but what the hell is going on with american underwear modelling? I’m talking cock position. Why on every US site and in every strip club are they tucking straight down, it looks RETARDED!

  10. Just watched the uncensorred version and it is tame as porn goes but a good watch just the same…..added it to my favorite bar…will be watching over and over

  11. like both versions…hott, sexy and funny too…and being an American I can say we are a rather ultra censored lot that is all based on excessive religious views that dates back to our Puritanical beginning…so much for “freedom” of speech and the like…and I enjoin the site very much…great work to all at Squirt…

  12. Damn you Sarge!!!!Post warnings next time-damn near thought I’d have to call 911!!!! O M G!!!! I wanna live there and never come back to reality. HOLY SHIT THAT-BOTH were abso-FUCKING-lutely H O T!!!!!

  13. These pics will make great desktops on my computer, and the video just makes me want to explode in my shorts.

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