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10% off everything at with SQUIRT10

Hey guys, Team ESMALE is offering 10% off everything on their male /
gay sex toys superstore.

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Simply use the code SQUIRT10 at the check out and you will save on a
huge selection of toys, lubes, aromas (super strong), Oxballs,
erections pills, jockstraps and much more!

Delivery is WORLDWIDE and product selection is MASSIVE so we have
something for everybody plus all essential consumables at great prices
to hopefully keep you happy.

Have a look around and enjoy all your sex sessions with gear from

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Team esmale, essentially for men!

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  1. I guess middle-aged quasi-women who have no experience with an actually throbbing piece of a blood-filled pocket rocket would have to know about these rubber things. Or if you have to spend all day working in the fields picking vegetables and fruit on a transient basis then this is probably easier than trying to find a blind man who will get it on with you in a lean-to.

  2. I would say that anybody who hasn’t lived under a rock for the past 20 years would know about these products. Actually using them is a different matter entirely.

    That being said, esmale isn’t very cost efficient when it comes to the basics like lube. No way am i spending 27 bucks not including shipping for 8oz of Gun Oil.

  3. I always thought of Daily Squirt as an entertainment area. It’s increasingly becoming an advertising zone. All the recent video posts take us to 60sec. vids that are promoting PPV sites..there’s plenty of LONG PLAYING FREE porn that could have been posted instead. We used to have the bad Radvideo ad every Friday. I used to post the websites that offered the same vids for up to 80% off Radvideos prices..what a ripoff site! Now we have this supposed bargain. Anything on Esmale is cheaper on the manufacturer’s website. The exchange rate today is £1=$1.55. Fleshjacks from their home site are 25% LESS than here after all the math and discounts. To convert Oxball prices simply switch the £ to $..their prices are HALF AGAIN more expensive over their home site and they ship for free. That makes this yet another RIPOFF SITE!

    If Squirt is going to shove ads on us instead of entertaining us, at least respect our intelligence.. we do comparison shop. If Squirt would bring us some REAL BARGAINS that would be great. But to give us 10% off hyper-inflated prices is an insult. This area is to entertain us…not to screw us over!

  4. I live in the UK/EU and to buy these product from the US we get charged massive shipping cost so at I actually get much better value. I have ordered from these guys and have no complaints at all + they were totally helpful and actually nice (which doe not happen often :). good stuff

  5. @jjku:
    I’m sure the people at Esmale are charming in their public relations, all good businesses should be. My comments were primarily focused on Americans buying on this site, but also those in UK/CA. I’m glad you find US made products so appealing. Even here, products are often available at a better price direct from the manufacturer.

    As to cost, your comment about high shipping cost from the US implies we’re gouging you. I ship hundreds of packages overseas annually. You have confused shipping costs with the multi layered taxes your government imposes, not us.

    A quick read of import issues/duties/levies is summerized on the UK Border Agency site: In short, there are no monies owed on purchases of £15 or less and none on gifts of £40 or less. Remember that for you that includes the value of postage and insurance as part of those values, thus reducing the actual value of the item exempt proportionately. The international custom declaration form is CN22 or CN23. You will be subject to multiple cost by YOUR government. An import duty, possible excise tax(alcohol & tobacco), VAT, and if the declaration is questioned by the Royal Mail, a repackaging/handling fee to send it over to Customs (usually about £10).

    I constantly help friends out in these high tax countries by shipping for them. Many small companies do the same. Ever notice how governments are quick to raise taxes due to inflation (that they often cause), but never seem to index these taxation limits to account for inflation? Its one of their countless hidden sources of additional funds… they’re individually not really noticeable, but on a national scale worth millions to billions!

    My friends simply email me with what they want. I have them do the math with the higher gift exemption limit, purchase the items on a credit card, ship the item (if more than one box is needed, then a week or so apart. Postal authorities use tracking data to flag too much from one address), they send me a check, its received before my card is due and I’m only out a bit of time for a friend.

    Likewise, some products are not available except direct. For example, poppers. The real product is amyl nitrite..the original heart medication. The original, for those of us old enough to remember it, is superior to the modern product. The EU only allows the isopropyl form; the US, the isobutyl and Canada the original amyl. So you want to order from a Canadian source. Under their law, they can make it, but can only export it, no domestic sales. All is sold as a product for some solvent cleaning use as a ruse to avoid it’s use as an inhalant which would make it illegal under the drug laws. The governments know what is going on, but look the other way to collect sales taxes on what they know is a fairly innocent product. They satisfy all constituencies.. they ban it to keep one group happy and create loopholes to keep the rest happy as well. Typical politicians! So shop around and use your friends abroad to avoid intrusive governments. Good hunting. Cheers!!

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