FUCK YEAH BIG HOT & HAIRY DUDE (with Tattoos)!!! (photos by Bear + Bull Photography)


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Trying to bring all kinds of sexy to Daily Squirt. Need to start showin’ some love to the big burly fellas out there with sexy bellies & tasty furry bits. Check this dude out! – SGT. COACH

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  1. Fuck yeah is right!

    (I’ll patiently wait for the usual haters. Mr. “If you don’t look like a Ken Doll, then you should gtfo” Lurker)

  2. To each his own. However, if he keeps up that lifestyle he won’t make it past 40 without significant health issues.

  3. i do love his hair BACK as hairy backs are a big turn on for me, but he is a little bit to chunky for my liking

  4. Can’t wait to read what insults LURCHER66 has to say , as i know he’s anti big and anti old men

  5. I’m not against bears, but not chubby guys. A chubby guy might live shorter than a POZ guy. For your health, try to eat healthy and do some exercises.

  6. hairy nice, fat disgusting … SQUIRT does humanity a disservice by portraying fat or obesity as if its normal, as if it’s OK …

  7. That poor bed & floor; those poor mirrors; that poor flag.
    My poor eyes.

    To make matters worse, most guys this size think they’re the perfect, ultimate bottom. BARF

  8. YUM!!! How fucken delicious! Love wallowing with chubby guys. They r so dirtier and raunchier than slim pretentious twinks.

  9. If you can’t anything nice don’t say anything at all, This isn’t the man for me but hey he is for others.

  10. As so many have said — To each his own. I do love hairy backs. Tatoos don’t do it for me. Both are MY issues. I feel bad knowing the health issues these men are likely to face down the line. Again, MY issue.

  11. Each to there own. Who are you to judge?
    Learn to love yourself first and then maybe you will learn to love another person and that is wonderful.
    I am so thankful that i am not self loathing and hateful and that I won’t have to come by this way again.

  12. I wanna obliterate all of his body hair by waxing… I’ll let him keep his beard but not the fur.

  13. though the guy is not my style , you can tell by his eyes that he is a very happy dude and is comfortable with his body , so you twink who left insults you should be ashamed of yourselves, they say straight people are mean look at yourself in the mirror only person to judge is GOD.

  14. The sad thing is lurker we are all doomed to grow old and yes many of us may put on a few kilo’s..Take a good look at yourself mate and learn your a bitter and twisted queen….Keep up with the Botox and the Liposuction Lurker i have this gut feeling your going to need both in the very near future..Have a happy day..

  15. strange isnt it that we as a minority still discriminate within our own minority…nasty bastards

  16. Sorry, but this one belongs on it’s own website. May be a turn on for a few, but dare to say, a turn off for many.

  17. Not what I like, but I’m glad you posted! Love to see all the different sorts of sexy getting represented. Good for you!

  18. Not for me, but I am over weight myself, I like guys smaller than myself, furr is wonderful, but flab is just not sexy to me

  19. I am a Chubby guy and find that guys love my size. I like slimmer and younger guys than me and have never had a problem meeting guys and having boyfriends.
    Most of the comments on here revert to the gay stereotype of bitchy queens! I say live and let live.
    Health issues well your maybe die before us bigger guy, taking drugs etc. to try to be happy with your own self issues.
    Bring on more real men and get rid of these bigots.

  20. OH YEAH! There’s nothing like a big, burly man! Thank you for the awesome post. I’m so sick of seeing skinny, ‘shaved n groomed’, plastic boys. Give me a real man with some meat!

  21. Isn’t it nice that were all different and that we can enjoy the variety that life has to offer. Nice is see that people are catching on to what a dink lurker is. Way to go Squirt, a change is always good for the soul.

  22. These guys are so sweet, but hot at the same time, would luv to be between the two of them…very sexy, no pretence and masculine men.
    Bet they are fun to be with in and outa bed… Awesome Guys !
    Never judge a book by it cover… Cheers. .O)

  23. I have to say it is good to see different kinds of sexy. “Bodies are a variation on a theme!” Everyone has a different type…but as i get older my pallette is changing. I recently met a Bear type guy and after getting to know him as a friend with no sexual overtones discovered what a great and funny guy he was.(teach me to assume!) Then late one friday evening we spoke on the phone and had silly drunken phone sex. Followed by me very nervously going to bed with him.And my my my it was AMAZING! He was passionate attentive and explored every single inch of my body for over 4 hours..needless to say I am going back for more x 144!! So dismissing different body types is ridiculous and ties into the self loathing queenie stereotype. There are tall/small/chunky/monkeys/muscle mary/preppy/twinky/regular guys. let us celebrate our diversity…because when i need a hug and a friend to lean on i don’t give a rodents anus what size it comes in!!

  24. FUCK Yes! Manly and happy, too. I like them all, tall, short, skinny, chubby. This just added a nice variety to Sgt’s usual sexy men. Thanks Sarge!

  25. we all gain a little weight. but may i remind you fellas with ink …. this is what happens we you let yourself go. sorry, not for me

  26. Yes lurker86, and you’re the epitomy of manhood perfected NOT! You’re old, bitter and really not that attractive. I’d rather fuck the pooch than spread my cheeks for you.

  27. Hey guys. I’m actually the guy in the pictures… My friend showed me the post today, I had no idea about it before that.

    First off, thanks to everyone that realizes that everyone has different taste! With my personal taste, I wouldn’t go near half of you guys with a ten foot pole. hehe just saying 😉

    I do want to call out a couple comments though.

    Pilot06: I completely agree with you about being severely overweight is unhealthy. Half of these pictures are over a year old, and at that point, I weighed almost 400lbs and wasn’t remotely healthy! I’m currently just under 300lbs but working out and living a much healthier lifestyle. And since I’m 6’3, the weight is distributed well.

    And Lurker86, honestly your just an ugly mofo. That face, god damn, no wonder you’re so bitter. As they say, I can lose weight, you can’t get more attractive 😉 Oh and BTW, I’m a top!

    Anyway, like many have said, to each their own! Thanks again to everyone that gave nice comments and have a good day.

    BTW: I’m actually a male portrait photography based out of NYC, so if anyone around is looking for shots, check out my site: http://www.bearbullnyc.com

  28. Yuck I’m totally surprised how many guy’s don’t control their weight, within reason and expect to get hooked up and live a healthy life.

  29. Lurker86: I notice you have no videos of you and anyone else, must be so lonely looking at your ugly face in the mirror, and not getting someone to fuck that nasty body of yours. Go FUCK YOURSELF, oh wait, you can’t, you have a limp dick.
    Have a wonderful life SNAGGLEPUSS

  30. thank you for posting these pics. What hot and sexy men they are…love the man titties, tummy and those large nipples. We need to see more of this!!!! How about men with tiny dicks for a change…

  31. Here are a few facts for SDTony56.

    1) I used to live in Southern California and I saw how miserable obese guys like you can be in its appearance culture. In a place famous for health & beauty, you don’t really belong there do you?

    2) You identify yourself as Italian. What a slur on the people of that great land. If true, (I know a lot of South Asians try to pass) take a look at what you’ve done to yourself. Look upon “DAVID” and see how you compare.

    Fact is, many Italian boys have a very brief window of intense beauty. Then, their mama’s boy impulse kicks in. They grow grow fat then round. As U illustrate, they become resentful and somehow think they’re superior to everybody who looks after themselves. Seen Jersey Shore? That’s the level of your manners and comportment.

    You might not like my opinions, but you can’t say I’ve made myself undesirable because I have not decided to cover myself in spaghetti sauce living in my mama’s basement nor added 400 greazy pounds covered in a mess of ugly overgrown body hair and tats.

    You made those choices. You’re free to. I am equally free to comment and to BARF right at your feet.

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