FUCK YEAH! G:hOle RAW with ARIES & CRUZ @ ChaosMen


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Aries seems to always have to pee like 3-4 times while filming, so I figured I may as well get him to do a Glory Hole video. He can let lose a stream or two while we watch.

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Actually, Cruz is doing the watching while Aries unloads his bladder. Cruz strokes his cock then invites Aries to come get his cock cleaned. He sucks his cock like a hungry pro, keeping his own cock hard and ready for Aries to service.

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After trading oral, Cruz backs right up on to Aries stick cock, right through the G:hOle! I have never been a big fan of watching guys fuck through a glory hole. You can never see the action, and it looks a bit awkward, but I have to say we pulled this off spectacularly! Aries has such a long cock, and Cruz is bouncing back and forth on with long strokes that it is easy to get some great penetration shots.

Aries pulls out then sits on the toilet to have Cruz clean his cock some more, and get it nice and wet for him to sit on it. Cruz continues riding Aries, working his cock while they sit on the porcelain throne.

They move over to the trough and fuck on the mat. Aries gets a good angle, hitting Cruz’s sweet spot until he nuts.

Aries unloads all over Cruz’s hole, then juices him with his still stiff cock.


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  1. GH videos never feel real. The doors are missing, its always antiseptic clean bathrooms or you can tell it was made o look messy. I know porn is staged but the scene should have a natural feel to it as well.

  2. Aries has a tattoo of my favorite biblical quotation Matthew 6:34. Never thought I would see that in porn. Great looking guys and hot action but who has sex naked in a bathroom. Makes it seem dirty. Get them a big king size bed, let them go to it and we can all watch.

  3. Couldn’t disagree more with you guys. As I went through these pics I thought how real they seemed to me. This is the kind of sex still easy enough to find in my area – in a john or bookstore with glory holes or using the toilet seat. Yeah, toilets usually have doors, but some glory hole booths don’t depending on the place. I don’t expect the movie makers to have a bunch of guys come in first and shoot cum all over the floor and drop cigarette butts in it first so it looks ‘realistically’ dirty. I think they did a great job with two very hot models with great cum shots. They also fuck bareback, so in my world that is unrealistic, but I love to see it in pics and on film.

  4. Oh, I would love to read that intellectual treatise tattooed on his middle. Then I’d like to quiz him about the content to substantiate my gut that he is as stupid and as thoughtless as they come.

  5. Lurker your low self esteem will never be elevated to the point at which you learn the value of treating others with respect.

  6. Lmao @ lurker86…. he really knows how to piss guys off with his opinions… good on him for thinking outside the square!

    In this posting, the sex takes place in a pristine public toilet setting… I have never seen a public toilet that is so clean looking inside… Mens Public Toilets are universally putrid. They stink of urine and shit. And most men NEVER wash their hands after they do a crap or hang a piss!!!

    Why let real-life settings interfere with some fantasy whose only purpose is to titillate the viewing public? The subliminal message I get from this “Chaosmen” episode is that bareback sex is somehow the only way to enjoy sex – in every public toilet across the globe. Bareback sex looks great on-camera, along with the makeup that those “actors” wear(term used very loosely) and also the lighting. How many times did they shoot this scene? We don’t witness that in the final take as audience members…

    The tattoos still make them all look like criminals that are fresh from long stints inside. That applies to every dumb fuck that has decided to wear painted armour permanently on their bodies. It’s not attractive 10 or 20 years down the track…

  7. I agree with those who say that the scene lacks a certain hotness because of its obviously contrived setting. There are several adult bookstores where I live and where glory hole action (and other sex) takes place regularly. What is shown in these scenes clearly is set up, which for me diminishes its erotic qualities. But if others like it, who am I to judge? Lucky for me I can see more realistic action close up in person.

  8. First we should all just ignore lurker. It’s so clear that this idiot thrives on attention. He needs help. I too have never seen a public toilet so clean and the scene was set up to look natural but just doesn’t work. The two guys are hot though.

  9. Agreed JObuddy…if ur lucky enuf 2 have them!!! Nothing like hot, dirty, anon GH sex…unless it’s understall sex!!!

  10. Completely naked guys having bareback sex and cumming on or inside each other is the greatest sex of all.

  11. WOW.the men need to use the toliet so they had piee and poop in the toilet before they wil have sex with other men in the washroom called the bathhouse and the men could use the shower after they had sex to be safe.The men bring the condoms with their it is important to be very care and safe.

  12. Loadzinme is a man of distinction and taste.

    If I were going to deface my body with painted armour, I’d get something rational and uplifting, not a fantasy verse from the book of the talking serpent.

  13. Even though public and/or glory hole sex is not my thing, I did enjoy these pix. As staged and unbelievable the scenes are.. the guys are hot!

  14. hot bb scenes and NO not realistic but who the fuck care? tow hot jocks fuvking bb anywhere is HOT!

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