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CHAOSMEN: Since Percy had messed around with guys before, I figured he could handle a G:hOle video. What I didn’t realize is his experience seems to have been very limited, and you do get the feel that this is his first time.

Glenn of course pulls him into the game, but Percy does spend a lot of time looking to me or the cameras for lack of any good reason, other than he was just nervous and not sure what to do.

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Even with that criticism, this video still has that charming “you are there” feel to it. The boys film each other with their phones, and I even integrated that into the video. I focused on Percy’s feet also, to give fans of the foot a little bit more to enjoy.

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Percy is definitely more into the scene once he begins sucking cock. He has something to do, and when he is getting serviced, he is not sure where to look. Though when puts his feet up into the two glory holes, leaving his legs spread and ass hole wide-open, he does get lost in the moment. Hmmmmm. Bottom feeders should enjoy that part of the video!

A scruffy-faced Glenn took a pretty good facial from Percy, only to dump his own load on the floor. Percy rubs it around with his foot, squishing the cum around between his toes!

pics via Scallyguy

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  1. geez.. the incessant whining on this site !!! seems this week there is no whinging about TOO MUCH INK , then we had last weeks whines about TOO MUCH BEARD , now we have the sneers of TOO YOUNG TOO TWINK, THEY MUST BE 16,17 ….seems like first world babyboomer queens have had everything they could buy/consume in life.. seems there musnt be much to float their boats anymore… burnt out first-world consumerism hey ???.. appreciate what is presented in life… one does not have to personally like something to appreciate it’s intrinsic value…

  2. @ Spiritman! Well said. All the snide remarks here in these posts about the models baffles. Yes OK maybe not your type but why the negative remarks? From a community that DEMANDS equality/understanding and tolerance, we do seem to be not very tolerant.
    Both are hot good looking men, in their 20’s and I appreciate that. Not really my type though.
    That’s all that really needs be said.

  3. Agreed, spiritman. If you can’t say something positive, keep clicking and move on.

    The only time negative comments may be warranted is when violent, dangerous or unhealthy situations are depicted, or when fellow posters are intentionally cruel to others who comment. And since Sgt. Coach is at the helm, these are very rare instances indeed.

    Hair (too much, too little, too trimmed), ink (too much, too little, none, some), muscles (too many, too few), race (too dark, too light), foreskins (with, without) and age (too young, too old) are not in this category.

    We are truly lucky to have this site, and the people who maintain it. Enjoy it. Not too many years ago, what would we have given for this incredible opportunity?

  4. I SO agree with needmen and Trunzo !!
    I found these pics F U C K I N G HOT ! Thanks for posting them.

  5. Glenn is a Hot Young Man with them eyes of his. I’d never push him away just because he is a little on the young side, if he didn’t mind my age, why should I mind his. I like anyone with a no age preference. He’s just Beautiful

  6. Love Gloryholes, not enough of them and bathroom sex. Would love to meet these two. Oh so much for fantasies.

  7. Yeahhhhh this is more like it .. not before time .. we don’t get enough lads like this on this site .. and i know i moan about all the beards and furr fat .. but if we had more of these lads posted id be happy 🙂

    i cant decide which lad i want .. the dark hair lad as the sexest eyes ever .. but the blond lad is sooo cute .. rather join em both and have some fun 😉

  8. Would anyone seriously say “No, thank you” to either of them? Not exactly my “type” either but they are beautiful.

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