FUCK YEAH! Shirtless NC State Wolfpack Jock JOHN MANGUM Twerks In Locker Room!


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John Mangum – Twerk King from Jonah Cortez on Vimeo.

Just when we were ready to bury the hatchet on twerking, N.C. baseball star John Mangum uploaded the best ass-shaking, life-changing vine we have ever seen. With his teammates around him, the sophomore catcher drops it low and brings it back up top with sass and flash. We. Cannot. Stop. Watching.  [Via BoyCulture]

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  1. He is very cute and he can wiggle that butt on my face anytime he wants. He does need a little chest hair but 2 thumbs and a tongue way up.

  2. Enough with the twerking! The fact that you found it on ‘Boy Culture’ should have been a warning. This is Rettenmund’s online gay version of his Popstar!, a bubble gum magazine that targets 10-16yo girls. The circuit bois read this online gossip while their face glitter makeup dries so they’ll have something to say to their ‘gurlfriends’ down at the WeHo dance clubs. Anything with more depth gives them a headache. Do us a favor and bury the hatchet in it for good.
    Locker room scenes can be hot, but not with twerking…

  3. Not sure why the negative comments. He’s got a great ass and he’s very cute. As if you’d kick him out of bed if he was there.

  4. There’s no problem with John Mangum who is a cute jock, it’s the annoying twerking. Pop trends have a short shelf life or should. At first they’re fresh and amusing, then everyone is doing it which is fun, but they always get beaten to death and become annoying long before they go away. The Macarena, Gangnam Style? Twerking is way past it’s 15min., even the opening line of this article knew it was a last gasp, but pushed it anyway.
    Bring John’s team in for a group scene with his ass and you’ve got me.

  5. I can think of worse things I’d rather see. It may not be the apogee of western civilization, but any creative movement of a young, handsome man’s tight ass can’t be a bad thing.

    As fads go, I’m going to miss this one a little.

  6. I don’t give a flying fuck about the twerking.. as long as he shakes that ass! Who cares how he does it?

  7. I agree with ALL the positive comments posted here & can only feel a bit sorry for those who posted negative ones. Enjoy the moment!! And yeah…that fucking ass…woof!!

  8. its a dance made by big booty women for big booty women….i guess some guys hate it when dudes act like women…

  9. oh, plueezz!! What’s wrong with a young, cute guy having a little bit of fun. Lighten up, people.. it is not all about sex!!

  10. I don’t know what it is (or wait, maybe I do though) but this is so sexy. Could watch it over and over and over and …….

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