Geraldo Rivera Tweeted A Shirtless Selfie… and here IT is…


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  1. Perfect illustration how the body deteriorates with age, we don’t live forever no matter how good of a shape we are in. Geraldo is entitled to showing himself at 70, probably a long time dream, don’t hate him for it.

  2. i always thought he was a hot man but these shots are not flattering at all. why would he put himself out like that. not impressed at all and i agree, why would squirt bother with this.

  3. “Celebrities” can be quite private. This pic comes as a bit of a surprise. To get a “selfie” of Geraldo is quite interesting. Some of Squirt’s followers are “into” senior men. He is still attractive, though perhaps not the “hottie” he once was. However, none of us/YOU will be the hottie at 70 that we/TOU were at 20, or 25, or 30, or 35, or 40, … Some are into big dicks; some are into furry bodies; some are into hairless twinks; some are into bodybuilder daddies; etc. Some are into older, senior men who keep trim and can still make the equipment work. Squirt is, I thought, for men of all tastes. Nice to see them include sexy seniors once in a while — seniors that have been invisible in the gay community for decades are finally being seen as sexual and desirable. KUDOS to Squirt for sharing.

  4. I have to respond again. Don’t think he is sexy but then again women will go for anything that has money. Supposable Rev. Sharpton has a sexy girlfriend and a wife.

  5. Well let us all face the trueth, gay as a 3 dallar Bill…. I always found him attractive, but it is his mouth!!! He need to shut up

  6. I find it ironic that most of the people critical of Geraldo are in their 40s and 50’s (in much the same fashion that 20yr olds turn up their noses at 40 & 50yr olds)… it would appear ageism knows no age limit! As someone astutely pointed out, NO ONE will be a “hottie” forever, and the sooner we in the gay community realize that, the more respectful (and less shallow) we will be towards one another; and ultimately, we ALL have different tastes/preferences, and that’s what makes us humans so unique. Kudos to Geraldo for putting himself out there, and to Squirt also for showcasing our inherent diversity!

  7. looks great for 70! as nurse have seen me half his age look worse. not my cup of tea though.

  8. I gotta agree with arion_5
    No matter what age, 20 or 50, queens still FEAR their own mortality so they bully the ones older than hey are so they can feel good that they’re still alive for the next 24 hours.
    Shame on you behrwpg, littlebroj & sdtony56

  9. What The…..Never ever thought he was good looking. So what if he has a hot bod at his age. isn’t this a gay site?

  10. Ladies be nice to one another, Geraldo posts that he’s 70. There should be an issue here, what’s a 70 yr. old supposed to look like??

  11. I thought he was kinda hot in the 70’s.
    I still think he is kinda hot now.
    I hope that we all look as good as that when we are 70.

  12. Agree with arion_5. None of us lasts forever. So if in your younger days you turn your nose up to some older guy remember what goes around cums around.
    The best sex I ever had was with a younger guy who liked older guys. See my profile for the cocktale about the perfect fuck.

  13. Honestly, I never cared for this guy, but I’m just wondering… How many of us would be willing to post a bare chested picture of ourselves at 70?? Fuck, some of us can’t do it at 40 or 50… the most we can do is post our dick or ass.. lol!!

  14. To many of GR critics… Do you have a fucking mirror in your house?

    That’s right you do, you have to use it to see your cock because

    when you look

    straight down all you see is your enormous gut. How about some of

    those member videos? A lot scarier than a naked GR

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