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  1. Older hands, dirty fingernails and the best cock i have seen in a long while. Bring it on. Sit or swallow, good with me…..

  2. wow now that a nice cock love to feel that deep down my throat and have some fun . really nice yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  3. hard working married guy with a wonderful looking cock nothing could be better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and he wants its sucked dry by another equally horny guy I’ll bet

  4. Beautiful big cock but I can’t see past the filthy fingernails. Come on, make and effort with personal hygiene.

  5. Fucking awesome piece of manhood.
    Love to be down on it for starters.
    Nothing wrong with the workers hands and dirty nails..woof!!
    Is his profile here?

  6. Simply P-E-R-F-E-C-T !!! Would be all over it in a heartbeat! I’d luv to be uncut and totally natural. Just as God intended…beautiful!

  7. Yummmm looks to be a tower of fun to me….unclean fingernails don’t bother me, maybe indicates he went to work that day.

  8. i love those spots where we go after work to release some tension…him sitting in his car makes it even hotter…and that cock just makes me want to suck…

  9. WOOF! Love big Uncut Cocks & would suck him off & ass to ride it for a second load.
    What’s with the “Dirty Nail”, people who WORK get their nails dirty sometime. Get over it & focus on what’s really important, his big Cock.

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