Hot Cocktale: My Secret Magnet for Men


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I loved riding my mountain bike in Vancouver’s Central Park – a lot! While some guys might not be turned on by seeing a guy in tight spandex shorts I find that those tight, shiny black shorts are like a magnet for men. Wearing these shorts makes me feel confident, proud of my physique and from the compliments and hundred of times I have scored while wearing them I’ll stick with what works.

My goal today was to have a sore ass whether it was riding that saddle too long or from having too many cocks, or one cock many times, in my little butt.

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Central Park is a known cruising spot and if, while riding, I saw some interesting action or men I would pull over lock it up and go on foot up the trails. These shorts of mine leave nothing to the imagination especially since I shave my crotch and these aren’t cyclists shorts with the padding. So, often as I ride I am fondling myself thinking of the fun I will find along the way. Fondling leads to a hardon down the short leg on the left and my huge balls on the other side split by the saddle, today was no different.

I stopped at a fork in the trail to figure my next path when a very young guy, 20, pulled up really close next to me facing the other way. Being on my left he could see my burgeoning cock hard as could be. He asked me how the cruising was but before I could answer he reached over and filled his hand with my spandex covered hardon. We both were surprised, him more than me. He pulled back as fast as he had grabbed me looking upset. I told him I loved it. He told me he had seen me many times in the park wearing the same clothes and every time he was too shy to approach me but always pulled off into the bushes to jerk off. Today would be different because he got the nerve to cop a feel.

Both of us were similar size and build around 5’6”, 145 lbs, and from the bulge in his tight cotton shorts were equally endowed with large cocks. This could be fun. He reached back to my cock and this time started rubbing like a man possessed. Any fears were gone and his confidence took over.

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I grabbed his hand and told him I was so aroused he had better stop before I came, cause I had other plans. We parked our bikes, I pulled his cock out of his shorts and I led him by the cock into the bushes. He was leaking pre-cum so much my hand easily stroked his uncut 8”. I kneeled before this beauty and took him into my mouth grabbing his ass cheeks as I sucked him. He kept saying he wished he had the nerve before to come to me as I continued to tongue his purple head. I switched from grabbing his ass to squeezing those big balls until his legs quivered out of control and he blasted what seemed like days of stored up cum into my hungry mouth. I swallowed as fast as it squirted in an endless stream of juice.

He apologized for filling my mouth without warning then told me he could cum numerous times – ah the wonders of youth. I told him he could cum in any hole he wanted and with his confidence restored he joined me on the forest floor and pulled my tight shorts down and off my legs. We settled into a 69 position and he took my pulsing rod into his drooling mouth. This 20 year old was literally drooling from both ends as he lined up his mouth to my cock. I couldn’t tell by the copious amount of juice coming from his cock as I took him into my mouth whether it was still cum or more pre-cum. It sure tasted sweet and young.

Having 30 years on him I might have two loads in me but it would take a while for him to pull them out of me. He sucked like he had done it for years, rolling his lips over my cock head then swallowing deep, using a hand to stroke then alternating the process. He would pull my cock out, look lovingly at its thickness and rub it over his face then back to his sucking mouth.

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Meanwhile, I was doing the same thing but also would take his hairless balls into my mouth that elicited moans of pleasure from him. His balls tightened in my mouth and he started that quiver in his legs so I quickly took my mouth off his balls and right back into my mouth as he pounded another big mouth filling load in me. This time I had the time to savour his juice in my mouth before swallowing it all. Not that I was keeping score but he had given me two loads to none.

Embolden by my technique of taking his balls in my mouth he did the same to me alternating between sucking my cockhead, my balls and squeezing both nuts in a pleasurable pain. I suddenly felt the cum rising as he felt my balls tighten as I yelled that I was coming. Without hesitation, perhaps from seeing me take both loads and swallow them, he relaxed his sucking as I filled his mouth with my creamy cum. He thought about it for a mere instant before swallowing. He looked up at me with a smile.

As we slowly sat up I rolled onto my belly with ass open and inviting. Talking wasn’t need, it was obvious I needed and wanted his 8” buried in my tight little ass. My amazing young lover was on me in a second, his cock still hard and proud. He spit on my hole and eased his manhood into me, slowly and with the right amount of pressure until his belly met my pert ass cheeks. He was buried to the hilt!

Unlike someone my age he rutted me like fucking a pig, well it could be said I was a pig, lol. Even though he had cum twice he seemed to be aiming for a third right into my tight little ass. He fucked with deep thrusts and pulled out slowly feeling my ass muscles as they gripped his hard cock.

Knowing he would take some time on his third cum I used my inner ass muscles to pull the cum from his big balls. He didn’t know how good I was to pull a young man’s cum out of his balls. He cried out as he blasted another load, his third, into my clean deep ass innards. I knew his cum having gone so deep into me would take a long time to drain my ass.

We met at 1 pm and now it was an hour later. We have time for more fun I hoped. He slowly pulled out of my tiny ass and we rested on the leaves of the forest. I know I have an exceptional butt but didn’t expect a 20 year old to want me the way he did. He leaned over me and asked me if he could fuck me again. Duh, like I said a saddle sore ass or one will fucked!

His still hard cock entered me again for a second fuck. This time he turned me on my back and fucked me missionary going even deeper. This position isn’t my favourite but since I was so lubed with his cum I relented as he went deep into my loosening ass in one push. Wonderful feelings of pain and pleasure became intense as he moved in and out of my body. I wasn’t sure my little butt could take all he had to give me but I was a willing partner.

He arched his slim body and sawed in an out of my little ass to get more feeling on his cock. I wrongly assumed his cock needed more stimulation. I think my verbal screams of “fuck me deep, cum in my ass and cum in me you bastard” pushed him to the edge as he came again inside my loosely puckered ass. My ass felt like it was abused as I started to feel this young man had mastered my body.

As he came his fourth time I knew I was his slave. I let my ass melt as his cock engorged and let loose another warm, thick flood of cum into my wasted ass. Where does he get this amount of cum?

We both were wasted but I knew there was more coming. We talked about meeting again, about cock, what we liked then his eyes glazed over and he said he wanted me again-really?

I dutifully rolled on top of him and rode him like a fucking cowboy. Whatever strength I had in me I bounced up and down that big cock feeling every inch of his cock as I pulled almost out of my little ass then fell onto his 8” cock deep into me. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes. He slowed down and told me he didn’t think he had anything left. While on my stomach and being fucked I reached over to my backpack and pulled out my poppers. I put it to my friend’s nose and he inhaled. Like a wild bronco he started to pound me like a person possessed. He came again in my little ass as if it was his first cum – he was done!

He settled against my ass as if he was in a coma, his body atop mine. A few minutes passed until he lifted off me and acknowledged we were a great fuck. Geez, my dream of a sore ass came true, not from riding the saddle too much but from one monster fuck session with six loads in me and one in his mouth.

Stay tuned when I met with him again! Please like and comment. I will reply!

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  1. So fucking hot! I love thisstory. I have cruised Central Park many times and would love to meet this young stud
    Great story! Thanks

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