Hot Cocktales: Cruising Roadshow Deep South


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Between Texas and Florida, I made several pit stops, and southern hospitality turned a couple of these stops into new venues for cruising & hooking up while out and about.

Florida’s major cities have varying options for adult theaters, arcades and the like, however, I love being naked in nature.

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At a state park in Tampa, I met up with a very handsome, masculine Dominican man, and he led me down a very light trail off the beaten path down to a wooded gully.

Then he grabbed my head and shoved it into his hard dick, only a thin piece of gym shorts between us.

I grabbed the elastic and his thick uncut dick basically slapped across my face, while he was still holding my head, and I realized he wasn’t even fully hard yet.

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I was ready to suck him, so I kept angling for the head of his dick. But he held my head in place.

“Do you want that dick?” he asked in his deep voice and thick Latin accent brought my dick to full attention and I said

“Oh my God, yes please” I said.

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“Good boy” he said as he shoved me down on what right now, was about 8″ but would soon grow to 9″ of his manhood.

He slapped me around a bit, began fingering my hole, and then he pulled my head back.

“You’re good, you want me to fuck you?”

I gave the same reply as before, and I was shoved over a log, then had my shorts pulled down and then received the best rimming I can recall.

He slid right into me because he’d been giving me hits of poppers, and his tongue was more than talented.

He came inside me 3 times and I swallowed a 4th over the next 30–45 mins we were at the park. We both had to get going, so I drove on.

In Alabama, I went cruising at a thrift and antique store.

I enjoy window shopping at antique stores, though I will buy something from time to time. This store offered additional products and services if you looked like you were looking.

I purchased some poppers and lube and was ushered into a central area of this house turned antique store.

Upon entering and rounding a corner, I found myself in the living room of an old craftsman home, spacious and softly lit with an older gay porn movie playing, and several seating options.

This connected to a bedroom, that connected to another room with a massage table, ottomans, and chaise lounges.

Each room was darker than the last, and at the end, was a bathroom that had anything a guy might need to freshen up.

I took a seat on one of the chaise lounges because the only other person, was in the front room in one of the plastic chairs watching the movie.

He came to the back where I was, and we briefly spoke. Both of us were there for the same thing, to suck or bottom.

He asked to suck me, and I figured why not, so he sucked me for a little bit, but it wasn’t doing it for me, so I thanked him but waited to see who else might frequent this place.

Within the next 30 minutes, 3 other guys showed up, and I sucked two of them off before hitting the road again. Both guys were older white guys. Not huge dicks, but I am happy to suck a guy as long as he’s enjoying it, regardless of dick size.

Both of these guys were moaning the second they felt my breath on their dick. One of these guys told me, who knows how true this is, that I’d given him his first blow job to completion of his life and he was late 60s.

My heart weeps for that man, but we’re all on our own journey. And so I pressed on.

Mississippi was my home during my senior year of high school and for one year after high school, so returning here was never high on my list of priorities.

The city is a southern Belle who will backhand compliment you while singing your praises to our lord and savior.

Unfortunately, I sped through that rebuilt coastline while having flashes of the post Katrina devastation I’d driven through years ago.

Nostalgia in the rearview, I set my sights on a Louisiana casino to park for the night. I barely slept due to the fireworks, I’d forgotten it was New Year’s Eve.

Every potential hookup either went dark, was too vague or just fickle, that I didn’t even get dick that night.

Texas, home sweet gun toting home, is a big ass state with a plethora of parks, rest stops and trails that can get busy with people getting busy.

It’s just they’re all like hours away from each other, but just inside the Texas border when leaving Louisiana, there’s a nice rest area, very clean and updated and spacious that I decided to stop at.

As I’m walking to the bathroom, I see a short, muscular Hispanic man leaving. He’s wearing a sweat suit, sunglasses and a baseball cap.

I’m staring at his ass and he looks back and sees me, so I gave an upward nod and smiled as I walked into the restroom.

I went into the accessible stall and sat down, and within seconds, the door opened and someone was at the urinal.

I waited, as I went past the urinals, I looked and saw the bare ass of that hot Hispanic guy.

He had the most picture perfect ass, I couldn’t help but say, hi awkwardly loud, but he chuckled and said hey and turned slightly toward me.

He was built like a linebacker and had an uncut dick that was well proportioned to his body, short and thick.

He looked over his shades and glanced back to the stall I was just in, and we walked past the other two stalls and after locking the door, he was on his knees.

He sucked my dick with such passion that I started to grab his ass, although I’m a verse bottom, with good head I’m more verse and if you’ve got a gorgeous ass like he did, I’m more top than ever.

After he came up for air, I sucked his dick, and it got so thick I was worried my mouth wasn’t wide enough.

He made me stop, and I immediately apologize about scraping him with me teeth, but he said no he was about to cum, so I deep throated him, and he fucked every last drop of that huge load into me.

And then, he was gone. I didn’t get to fuck him, but I wasn’t disappointed, then as I left I heard another flush and then a latch.

Houston rarely disappoints in the arcade theater selection, so I had no problem finding a couple dicks to suck and bottom for.

My favorite arcade is south of Houston and though it’s small, it’s always been a hot fucking time.

I walked to the last booth and left the door open and pulled out my dick.

A big, burly black man walked up and asked if I wanted company, and I said yes, then he stepped in and locked the door.

He was so massive, we barely fit in there together, then we started making out, and he picked me up like I weighed nothing and held me, so securely I wasn’t worried he’d drop me, plus the wall was right there.

“I wanna suck your dick,” I whispered to him.

He gently let me down and then feverishly took off his clothes, and I did the same.

I dropped, his dick was enormous, and I put as much of that dick in my throat as humanly possible and don’t think it was even half in.

When I told him I was trying to take it all, he picked me up and made out with me while telling me how beautiful I am and how much he wants me.

I told him I’m his and to tell me what I can do for him, and he wanted my ass.

So I grabbed my lube and put it on his dick, then he took the lube and put a lot on my hole and with his thick fingers, began pushing more and more lube inside me.

It took a few attempts, but eventually he was fucking me balls deep in that tiny viewing booth, sweat pouring down his smooth dark dad bod and onto my back.

He apologized, and I said, “don’t apologize, I love it.”

This turned him on more, but he also needed air.

I said, “open the door”.

He grabbed the door handle, swung it open, and two guys were there, dicks in hand.

First surprised by the door suddenly opening, then by the realization they could now watch what they were previously listening to.

My black stud was cumming inside me within a couple of minutes of getting better air circulation and a captive audience.

I felt the ropes of cum he shot inside me as his body spasmed, and he yelled out “oh fuck” repeatedly.

He pulled out and cum was flowing down my balls, but before I could move, a middle-aged white guy with a big beard was licking my balls clean, rimming my ass and then fucking his load into me.

He was gone before the black guy could get dressed and say goodbye.

After making out with the black guy a min more the other audience member an older Latino guy came over and started to finger me.

When it was just me and him, he closed and locked the door, turned me around, bent me over and began pushing his dick in me.

I was surprised it didn’t just go in, I was so loosened up at that point turned to suck him and I couldn’t believe how thick it was.

I licked his dick and spit on it because I couldn’t even fit the head in my mouth.

Then, I turned around and hit my poppers and pushed back on him, and he grabbed my hips, spit on my ass and mopped it up with his dick and pushed against my hole.

This went on for several minutes before it popped in. I cried out a little bit, and he held me close and then covered my mouth, then began to fuck me and I squirmed and cried out even louder, though it wasn’t audible.

“¿Quieres?” He grunted

“Sí” I said between his opened fingers.

He clamped down again and was fucking me so hard I thought the wall or my lung might collapse.

When he finally did cum in me, his orgasm seemed to keep going and going, then he began to pick up pace again.

He forced me to bend over, grabbing my own ankles for support, he grabbed my hips and slammed me down on his dick over and over until he flooded my ass again.

He was trying for round 3 when I said, “I need a break”.

He nodded and moved on to another bottom. I was getting my clothes on and heard the familiar noises I’d just been making, the sudden squeal when his head pops in, the muffled moans from someone’s covered mouth and the relentless pounding of a bare ass bottom boy.

Next up, Texas to North Dakota…

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