“It’s gonna feel good in your ass. Isn’t it…”


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  1. Talk about Mutt & Jeff ! LOL ! The Top guy is a Greasy Cheeseburger away from being a Fat Pig ( and thus qualifies for an entire NEW section of members here No Doubt Begging him to Enter a Hog Eating Contest 😉 ) and the other guy is so Borderline Anorexic, I’m surprised the video didn’t end with the Fat one using the Bottom to pick the Cheeseburger( or in this case, CUM) from between his teeth ( I mean, PLEASE, you still want to promote Safe Dental Hygiene people !! ) 😉

  2. If this guy is fat, I wanna be fat like him. I don’t usually get fucked, but I’d let this guy dump his load into me any day, wooooof

  3. Of its type, this is hot, hot, hot. Love the shots of big fat cock sliding in and out of deep twitchy hole.
    But, there’s no passion, it’s formulaic;
    scene one; suck, suck
    scene two; bend over bed, doggy style
    scene three; vanilla
    scene four; bareback riding
    finale; cumshots
    Did these guys enjoy it at all?
    Bit bothered by lack of condoms, yeah I know we all love a bit of bareback, but it’s not a message to be promoted on here

  4. Gotta agree with BlockedUser on this one..except the guy in this vid surpasses Godfre by so much…

  5. The scene where the little guy gets on his back, raises his legs and the top guy slowly, slowly slides that big cock into the other guy’s hungry ass is incredibly hot! I could almost feel that thing pushing into me! Love to me next!

  6. So far every comment on this vidio, except one, has been made by a guy with the gonads to post a picture. The one without the balls to show his balls, Our Resident Critic, lambasts the players for reasons incomprehensible and totally unrelated to viewing fuck vids for personal pleasure.

    Does he really think he is being humorous? I’d bet my time in the sling that most guys find him an irritant and pain in the ass.

    I thought the vidio was great, loved every fucking minute of it!!!

  7. mmm, what a fuk! I luv the extreme close-up shots, the only thing missing is my mouth there to keep both parties well lubricated!!!

  8. the guy who was topping i wouldnt consider him fat per say but i wouldnt label him as muscular either

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