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COCKY BOYS: Cameron Diggs Facefucks Levi Karter. Cameron Diggs talks about his life as an exotic dancer as he slowly strokes his cock on the bed. Talking about what turns him on as he inches closer to sweet relief. Finally blowing a thick load on his tattooed belly before introduce his new buddy, Levi Karter. Cameron digs Levi’s smaller frame and fit body and Levi can’t wait to get at Cameron’s enormous cock. They stare at each other longingly for a minute before Cameron invites Levi to get on his knees. Levi dives in with all of the enthusiasm you’d expect from one of Cockyboys brightest stars and swallows that enormous cock all the way to the balls.

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But Cameron is in no hurry and he slowly teases him with his alpha cock. Making Levi beg for it and looking deep in his eyes before allowing him the pleasure. Turns out Levi can deep throat like nobody’s business which is one of Cameron’s biggest turn-ons. He just sits back and enjoys the ride as his fit buddy does a number on his pecker. Cameron stands Levi up and forces his rock hard cock back into his mouth before fucking his face with dominating strokes. Pounding his cock in and out of Levi’s throat as he adapts to his new role as a cock slut. The look on Levi’s face tells you everything you need to know.






This little guy loves it! They move over to the bed and Camera pins Levi on the bed with his cock stuffed down his throat. Sliding it in balls deep as Levi gags a little but eagerly waits for more. Cameron can’t resist the chance to reach down and suck on Levi’s own rock hard cock for a minute and he matches pace with his own cock sliding in and out of Levi’s spit covered mouth. Cameron’s alpha side kicks in and he focuses on his pleasure. Grinding his hips into Levi’s face until he’s so close he can’t stand it anymore.





He lays back on the bed and tells Levi to lick his balls and in a split second the cum flies and leaves his muscular abs and tattooed belly a glistening mess. Levi isn’t far behind so he aims his own cock and the puddle of cum and makes another deposit. Shot after shot of perfect creamy white cum flies through the air and splatters on Cameron’s belly. Levi takes a second to admire his handy work then chuckles as Cameron’s eyes meet his own. New buddies are the best!









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  1. While these guys aren’t my type, I do love the guy covered in tats. AND he has the dick of death to boot! Big dick, covered in tats, I could not say no! I’d love to top him…

  2. not really into tats .. saying that if he came on to me id jump on him .. that cock (sigh) .. love to feel it sliding into me

  3. Maybe just a few too many tattoos for me (not keen on hands, neck and legs but love sleeves) but that cock, damn!! Impressed that Laevi can deep throat it. Both guys are hot and wouldn’t say no to either.

  4. Normally I’m not down on ink…but Cameron has taken it too far. It’s sad, really…he’s a very hot guy. Would it refuse him? No. But the excessive ink…especially all the chicks, really takes away from his looks. But as I always say, it’s their choice. Levi keeps it at the right level.

  5. Cameron ruined a “masterpiece” with graffiti, too bad, he has a beautiful body and wonderful cock. Levi’s ink isn’t so powerful that it hides his beauty and I would love to worship him any way he wanted and swallow all the jizz he could produce. Greg Hanson. London, ontario, Canada. 😉

  6. Never understood why would anyone work hard on his body till he achieves a perfect physique like Cameron then cover it all up with tats so that it’s completely obscured. I’m sure there are those who’ll find this sexy but I’m certainly not one of them.

  7. The ink is fine, its their choice. I wouldn’t turn him down and if the truth were known, neither would anyone else LOL. I swear there’s one guy who comments all the time that doesn’t like anyone featured. He must be a lonely guy for sure.

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