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LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT: Antonio Miracle Tops And Bottoms For Derek Allan. Antonio Miracle Gives Up His Ass To Derek Allan. Antonio Miracle is a big, beefy, and tattooed muscle bear that has a lot of passion to give his partners. He also looks incredible wearing a simple black t-shirt and jeans. Fresh-faced Derek Allan has a particular attraction to Antonio for all of these reasons and more — he couldn’t stop staring at the beefcake on set — so they were paired up to see what kind of fun would happen. It’s no surprise that quite a bit occurred. You might assume that Antonio would pound Derek, but he actually takes it as much as he gives. Show him who is in charge, Derek!











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  1. Right! Labeling those of us “misguided fools” because we disagree with you BearStar….THAT MAKES YOU THE FOOL!!

  2. Brothers, in regards to Mr. Always Negative, the best way to handle it, don’t feed the birds…in this case, the seagull.

    Treat him like he doesn’t exist. Maybe if we complain enough, Squirt will introduce a full-on block feature so we no longer see him at all.

    There are far too many guys here that could be and are worth our time, we don’t need to focus on the few that look to insight hate, arguing, drama, etc.

  3. Love the tats and just over the moon that they flip cause I’d like to bottom for both of them, like one after the other!

  4. Ahhhh the loudmouth from Texas is at it again I see. At least we didnt get his curriculum vitae this time. (that means resume BTW)
    Very hot men and yea I think beards and tats are sexy as hell and done right DOES make you (in my definition) a man! Bring on the manly men and not the prepubescent looking lil bois!
    Have to admit though that a few twinks over the years have caught my eye!!!

  5. Both guys are very hot..that flip flop was great and for me a guy can be hot whether he has a beard and tats or none at all…In my case, I have both and I definitely consider myself a man..To each his own, if we all had the same opinion and tastes, things would get boring real quick..Cheers guys!!

  6. I’d take both any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Beards and tats don’t make a man… they make a man smoking hot! Peace everyone.

  7. Guys can’t we agree to disagree. Everybody likes different body types Personally I would like to see more Red Headed 30 year olds on here I live in hope

  8. bearstud4U2 the reason people don’t like you is because call them names. the latest one you used on this post was misguide fools. if you don’t think that is wrong then you need your head examined. I can put up with your personal choices but when you label people who like what you don’t like with derogatory comment about them it makes you the misguided fool not them. maybe you need to think before you speak from now on.

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