Behind The Scenes: Paul Walker Interviews Paddy O’ Brian


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- Advertisement - presents an exclusive interview for Adam4Adam with Paul Walker posing a series of fan submitted questions to Paddy O’ Brian.

Sgt.Coach prefers not hearing O’Brian talk and having to keep telling his audience that he’s “100% Straight”. Ughhh…

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But he is one handsome fucker!

Do you like him more or less after seeing this interview?…

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  1. I was waiting for he and Paul Walker to start fucking.

    The interview reminds me of why Rudolph Valentino didn’t make the transition from silent films to talkies — he spoke. His voice didn’t match his physical presence — which I think is Mr. O’Brian’s predicament. Don’t look for him on camera anytime soon wearing clothing.

    Handsome? Yes. Great body? Yes. 100% straight? Who the fuck knows.

    Nice to hear him say that he finds men as sexually talented as women, though.

  2. Yet another waste of air time. The accents are very difficult to understand, the content was nothing but trash and the “straight” act is a load of bullshit and not what gay people who are supposed to be his “fans” really want to imagine or hear about. Anyhow apart of the dick he is an average guy and I’ve have to be pretty drunk and at the end of a good night out to find him attractive.

  3. I liked the two men.I will like have Paul and Paddy so we will be naked in the swimming pool and we will kiss together.

  4. I lived in the UK for 4 years. Paddy (aka as Liam) is just working class boy from London. He speaks with their rhythm and musical quality. Yes probably straight ut he sure likes a nice ass. Fucks hard. He answers well. I say that not because I may agree with his answers but he does not hesitate and does not pause or say ummm. If he is straight OK so what. His name is not Paddy in real life. Like another UK porn guy I know, he does it for the money and beats construction wages which is what he did previously.
    And if I could sit on his cock or suck it, I would be quite honored.

  5. I think it’s kinda brave of him to admit that he’s straight. Most of the guys I know would never want to admit they’re straight when we all know really smart men who know how to have a good time wouldn’t think of going straight.

  6. PLEASE ! You guys are so gullible. He’s not straight. It’s publicity. He’s selling a character.
    Let’s face it, gay men love the idea of a straight guy engaging in gay sex, and that’s what’s happening here. It’s all about the fantasy.

  7. Jase, just to play devil’s advocate, Does being GAY equal sex or attraction to you? If the latter, then isn’t it true that people have sex once or even regularly with a person or people they do not find attractive?

    IF SO, then how is it hard to believe that a straight man can engage in sex (Which is – at its base – nothing but physical stimulation leading to orgasm.) with another man he is not sexually attracted to?

    Is the SEX gay or is the person engaging in the sex gay? If you say that without a shadow of a doubt that a person is gay for having sex with a guy, then aren’t you reducing homosexuality to what masses have believed it to be for ages? A disease or abnormality that can be cured with psychological treatment? A sick fetish?

    Not going to say what I think of Paddy, but it does kind of irk me when I see the mentality that A sexual act is considered a better indication of a persons sexuality than their attraction.

    So if someone offered me 100,000,000 if I fucked nothing but girls for ten years and I accepted, would that make me straight by those standards, even though I have no attraction to those girls?

  8. Hot, great cock, but the “straight” bullshit-and that’s truly all it is-makes me avoid his videos. Act, his version of truth, whatever he wants to call it. Don’t hand me that shit you only fuck guys for money. Besides, we all know the real money is for the bottoms. The very least, he’s bi. Grow a set and say it.

  9. I first spotted him a couple of years ago modelling underwear for DeadGoodUndies and BangLads. Then discovered he was a porn star a couple of months back (believe me please, i find porn generally quite laughable more than anything).

    Whatever he says he is, thinks he is, or really is, isn’t really important in my opinion, as i don’t know him and don’t suspect i ever will.

    He’s just a handsome guy, who looks good with his kit off/half off.

  10. A good looking man with big fat stick nonetheless… It’s just a fantasy anyway. It is not like we’ll drag him in bed any time soon… We can only wish *sigh*

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