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MASKURBATE: Chriss received a call from his new neighbor who just moved in next door and has a great view on our sexy stud‘s living room. He proposed Chriss to pay his rent in exchange of a little show in front of the window. Believe me, you’ll never look at your neighbour’s window the same way again!









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  1. Beautiful guy,great body very sexy..Love his nipples and great cock. Would like to see a bit of hair on this guy though.

  2. Would love to have a neighbor like that.

    Would be wondering, though, why he wears a mask in his house. (Yes, yes, I understand it’s “Maskurbate” but it really screws the “story” of the video.)

    • I know what you mean, the mask serves no purpose in the video for5 us, but for a spying neighbour? Maybe. I love sex in daylight where I can see my partner in action, but I also love sex in the dark where I can still be surprised not knowing where a hand or tongue will touch next. I get the mask thing i9f it was convincing.

      • Well, the “spying neighbor” bit is kind of what I’m referring to as screwing the “story.” Watch the video again. He’s wearing the mask BEFORE he picks up the phone. Who the hell wears a mask while walking around their house shirtless? EXCEPT for silly video stories. (The only reason I could see for someone walking around the house with a mask is anonymity while robbing the place–which makes the shirtless bit a little odd.)

        Now, IF he’d been wearing some type of party outfit or costume (maybe for Mardi Gras, maybe for Hallowe’en, maybe for a costume party), it’d make some sense. But usually the mask is the last thing you put on.

  3. god he can come knock on my door anytime he likes i would welcome him in great looking guy and wow great looking cock i want it

  4. What a lovely specimen of manhood he is. you are right the mask does nothing to hide the identity. But gives some air of mystery? sexy body, mmmmmmmmmm great.

  5. I agree with wheart-the body hair doesn’t bother me at all. Huge nipples do it for me. Also the rest of him is beautiful.

  6. Nice eye candy but not into masks or solo the cock on here are awesome to look at yes would knock on his door for a fuck!
    Would love a neighbour of mine to watch me wank!

  7. He’s kinda hot. Has the ‘Harry Hamlin’ nipples but he needs few pubes mate but the foreskin gets me join every time… woof!

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