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Raging Stallion

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  1. Awesome body, I love all that hair, he’s gorgeous and has a beautiful cock. I think I am in lust.

  2. this boy’s got it all!…handsome face, nice body hair, furry bubble butt and that big fat uncut cock!…yes, please!…

  3. Hot and hairy! I love it. Can’t wait to bury my face between that furry cheeks. (To start with…)

  4. Oh HELL YES!!!…where do I make my reservation?? all that dark hair..I’m with Charly69…that furry hole is mouth watering indeed!!

  5. I thought he was too preppy and cute, but when his trunks came off- WOOF! What an amazing hairy ass. I could bury my face in that for ages. And that great foreskin between those hairy thighs begging for my tongue to slip under. The shot with his hairy forearm behind that hard-on still capped with that delicious foreskin, plus those hairy pits, made me salivate!!!

  6. Not fond of the hood….buuuuuuuttt I can ignore that, mostly. He’s very easy on the eyes!

  7. have none of you got a mirror??? looking at your profile pics there are not many of you who measure up to this beautiful guy!!! get real!!

  8. Magnificent gorgeous guy, nothing I don’t like about this sexy handsome man, I’d die happy worshipping every inch of that stunning body every minute of every day.

  9. Great handsome hairy, from head to toe, nice cock, beard and that hairy ass is one great turn on. Man welcome to my place anytime. HOT HOT Dude.

  10. Wow Yankcock69. Seems you have a problem with uncut cocks. In UK we certainly don’t as MOST of us are uncut. If you took the time and trouble to “google” him you would have seen that he has no trouble in pulling back his foreskin. Again, most of us in UK and Europe also don’t have this problem. Do your homework before giving naff comments. Some of the guys on here must be absolutely stunning (NOT) to criticise. Look in the mirror before judging.

  11. Mmmmmm, just noticed that YANKCOCK69 is actually based in UK!!!!Maybe he hasn’t experienced enough British cock to comment………………..LOL

  12. WOW he’s fuckin gorgeous, perfect toned body, just the right amount of body hair, nice thick cock, and a hot hole I would love to stick my tongue deep into 🙂

  13. Wow! A real man without the manscaping and sculpted eyebrows. I didn’t know they still existed. Very nice.

  14. great fur, great tight foreskin … he must squirm with delight when he tugs the skin back … but the pics of him seem to be superimposed not very well on a chosen background … shoddy camera work

  15. I love furry, I love uncut, but something about him just didn’t work for me. (As if I would have a chance anyway. LOL)

  16. 100% consensus lol…this guy should go into squirt hall of fame!…and yes he is totally HOT in every way!

  17. Fuck, so hot would love to suck out a load from that nice big cock, rim that hairy hole and lick those pits.

  18. What a great uncut cock for the inexperienced of course his foreskin will slide back, yum yum! A bit too much hair generally for me but in his case I will ignore it. Simply stunning.!

  19. he is well fit loving the bod and cock (yum) .. if i had a complaint av to be all that furr .. bit too much for my taste

  20. Beautiful. Uncut cock, muscular hairy chest, dark hair and brown eyes. The perfect combination 🙂

  21. More Dario?!?

    YES! It’s our lucky day.

    Nice to see my best and favorite guy getting all this positive attention. He certainly deserves it.

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