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  1. Nice looking guy, but so many tats….might as well call him graffiti…..just not my type with all the ink!!!

  2. Good looking man, wondering was the camouflge curtain backdrop there to deflect those awful tatts ?
    Still he is doable ! and his bush will grow back , the Tatts are for life.

  3. Thicker pubes would be nicer. Tats, a non issue for me.

    All that said, I have a fire he could try to extinguish! 😀

  4. Luvs those Big Low Hangers on Pic 14#
    Wud Suck,Pull n Roll them Round in My Mouth Forcing the Spunk out of them into his Cock
    then Vigerously keep Suckin His Big Cock Hed till he Spewed in2 my Mouth Sucking Him Dry !*! Yum Yum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Get over it guys, ink is hot and here to stay, you need to look at how it compliments a man, well at least it does in Australia. I shudder to think how your part of the world has such conservative narrow minded views and how that translates into your style and appeal – I’m guessing probably a bunch of boring fucks.

  6. he looks bored, indifferent, unhappy … and his body is a trainwreck of tatts … a few tatts here and there, fine, but he looks like he’s wearing tattoo-pyjamas … take ’em off, mate!!

  7. @Sharp: Your logic in taking a few negative comments about ink and extrapolating that into broadly pointing to “your part of the world (being) conservative and narrow minded (and we’re just) a batch of boring fucks” is amazing. So let’s compare the U.S v AU attitudes about tattoos. I’m using studies done in 2012 by age groups. For Australia: the NHMRC..Nat’l. Health & Medical Resources Council and for the U.S: Harris Poll. The percent results are stated US v. AU.
    Total % of pop. with ink: US21% v AU14.25%
    US age 18-24 22% 25-29 30% ave:26%
    AU age 16-19 5.5% 20-29 22% ave:13%

    Age 18-29: US26% v AU13%
    30-39: 38% v 23%
    40-49: 27% v 16.3%
    50+ : 11% v. 8.7%

    18-30: 26% v. 13.25%
    20-40. 30% v 23%
    As you can see from the facts, the U.S has a much larger % of the pop. inked 1 out of 5 vs 1 out of 7 there. The trendy youth demographic (18-30) here has twice the tats than there. Every age group has more as well. So by your logic of the number of people being inked as a measure of being conservative/ narrow-minded, having style/appeal or being boring fucks..guess who wins that distinction? Your pointing in the wrong direction. What makes me “shudder” is the lack of critical thinking with so much info available on the net to check your opinions against facts. Being Gay, you should be a bit more sensitive about making such broad and false statements about people based on so little info. Labelling groups based distortions is what has victimized us for so long. On your profile you state that you ” treat each guy on their individual merits” then you go on to slander a whole “part of the world” based on a few personal comments as if those few represent us all. Think and check facts before you comment…then you will appear Sharp.

  8. BTW, I love Australia and it’s people. It’s amazing down under and I have many friends there. I don’t have any problems with ink either and have a few pieces planned by friends who are internationally famous…they taught the guys/gals you see on the TV with shows. Some of the critical comments above are legit. Given you have limited real estate and the ink is permanent, you should plan carefully. Good design, thoughtful placement and a talented artist. The guy above goes from good to bad. The memorial sleeve has some rather nice detail. The Japanese one has a decent design, but fails on balance. The bold black water ripples overwhelm the pale colored kiku/mums and koi/carp to the point you just see black bars. The fish and flowers should have been as boldly and brilliantly colored to show up and balance the whole effect. The rest are mediocre designs poorly placed and executed. Not all ink is good, that’s why there are 3 popular TV shows that do salvage coverups of bad tattoos. Think before you ink.

  9. I don’t have any tats, nor do I think I’ll ever get any, but seriously don’t mind them at all on this guy. Let’s dwell on the positive – he has a gorgeous cock, nicely trimmed pubes, nice pecs,hot ass and great looking scruff on his face. I’d do him in a heartbeat!!!

  10. Before you jump all over this guy for the ink on his body (I think the clock on his right shoulder is particularly clever), take another look at that ink in the upper left- and right-hand corners of the images.

    That’s the only ink that should matter. Thank you, Mr. Landon, for who you are and what you do.

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