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Hudson is a young muscle bear. He’s 23 years old and built… big arms and chest, and huge quads. And hair in all the right places!
His cock was especially impressive. We’re talking beer-can thick! WATCH HIS PROMO CLIP HERE @ SEAN CODY!

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  1. FUCK YES!!! And finally, a guy that doesn’t trim his pits!!! I want…for my Birthday, which is the 8th!!!

  2. Love him perfect groomed hairy body, lovely armpits nice cock nice smile and outdoors lol. Let me have him.

  3. Pubic hair is such a hot part of being a very hot man. I find it very sexual and exciting. Love the amount of hair on his body too…just wonderful. He has all the right stuff and I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed for eating crackers….LOL….MORE…please!

  4. Possibly one of the sexiest men I have ever seen. And I don’t tend to make comments like this. It is a breath of fresh air amidst so many “too buffed” or “too skinny” or even “too trimmed” men. There is still hope.


  5. FINALLY a guy that is Real and HOT with the hair left alone and what a fat cock too, yummmmmmmmmmmm all day long. Too bad I’m so old, never would happen in this time in my life, but I can still dream.

  6. WOW, hot guy, not too skinny or too muscular, nice fat cock, just the right amount of body hair for me, once again WOW 🙂

  7. One of the best of late Coach…as close to perfection as you can get. Nice trimmed facial hair, a hairy chest that looks trimmed but not shaven, a treasure trail that is just awesome, and a cock that is ready for action! Now just hope this HOT guy can relax with the camera…..he is the envy of many a man! Can you find a few video scenes or GIFs of this guy to share Coach? Thanks for sharing!

  8. eh…Great goodie trail, but. That’s about it for me. (obviously I’m the odd one out here.)
    No ink. No piercings. No man.

  9. What can I say? I just join the majority of the commentators: He is hot! Please more pics of this guy, Sgt Coach. Thanks in advance!

  10. I have a major complaint. No look at his backside. Otherwise, I agree with all the above posters.

  11. Man, you’re right about those quads … and that cock … and all that hair and muscle in the right places ….

  12. OK! Now that’s my kind of boy, masculine, not plucked, shaved, waxed and whatever. Natural musculature and a BIG fat stubby dick! My only complaint is that we dont see what I’m assuming is a furry butt with … my personal fantasy … that patch of fur on the lower back just above the butt crack. I’m going to www, to see if i can see more and confirm my fantasies

    One of your hottest boys EVER! See some of us still like our bodys to be “men”

  13. Hi
    Billy here age 24 blond hair blue eyes student muscular build smooth body solid build 5ft 11 in tall 175 pounds & toned
    He sure could sleep in my bed any day& FUCK the daylight out of me & fill me up with loads of cum all the way up inside of my tight hole & bust my cherry for me.

  14. Fucking gorgeous. I’ve been wanking over this guy even since SC first put the pics up. I’m a top but i’d sit on this guys cock any day.

  15. Ditto to a lot that has been said. Hot and fit and a great smile.
    That cock is a thick one. Better be broken in first to really enjoy that!!!! But maybe that smile makes it worth it.

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