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ACTIVE DUTY: Hey Troops. What an immense pleasure to introduce this striking young man! This here is Johnny B. Johnny is very new, very fresh, and a bit nervous about the whole idea of getting naked and masturbating on camera. That’s ok…we have a way of making new recruits feel comfortable. Johnny is just such a handsome guy, I have no doubt he’ll be a huge sensation for us here at AD. He’s in absolutely incredible shape and covered with some sexy tattoos. I like everything about Johnny, even that fashionably unique haircut. I love his style, right down to the technique he uses to stroke his big cock. Claude chats with Johnny just a little bit, then we have Johnny relaxing on the couch, watching some naughty movies, and enjoying his own body.

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Once Johnny gets his gears properly cranked, he stands up from the couch and we get a nice look at his strong legs and luscious ass. His skin in smooth and looks silky to the touch. Johnny clearly spends a lot of time on his body, lucky for us, and it shows in so many ways. Claude shoots him both wide and tight to give us a dynamic look at this rookie soldier. From head to toe, there isn’t anything I don’t like about this dude. Claude captures some excellent looks at Johnny’s cock. It’s well shaped and looks perfect in his masculine hands. This is a cadet that has potential written all over him (along with several other tattoos) and I’m so excited to see him return for a little fun with some fellow recruits.










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  1. don’t give a fuck about the tats .. ya should get to England nearly every young lad as got em .. id jump on him

    • Oh so it’s just England then….Scotland, Wales and Ireland don’t have tats then…..wouldn’t it have been better for you to say Britain

      • Dave Wesley may not have travelled the length and breadth of our fair nation, so possibly feels that he can’t speak for the rest of BRITAIN. Just a thought.
        But like Dave, I don’t give a fuck about the tats, I would jump him in a heartbeat, and lick him ALL over.

  2. Once he got naked, his expressions look like he’s about to cry. I’m gunna say, “neutral for now.” If there’s another set to come, I’ll comment then.

  3. sod the tats, what do they matter, good body, ok cock. get down to business, fuck him,suck him, come over him or in him & go on to the next one, job done

  4. I really galls me that some people feel it is OK to make disparaging remarks about another person’s choice as to what they do with their own body. CANT JUST SAY NO THANKS. Probably the same person that DEMAND respect from others while NOT giving respect. WOW.

    That being said very handsome but not really for me.

    • Or that some people choose to enter a discussion by shouting their own opinion above others and think that they own the show because theirs is the only voice that they can hear.

  5. Maybe we should just do without the comments board all together. There are always going to be too many tats, not enough tats, too young, too old, too hairy, too smooth, too preened, too whatever. While I think he has a nice body, he looks quite bored 🙂

    • The comments board is just that….a place where you can comment on the pics just like what you have done….some agree and some don’t it’s what makes us all individuals… it or don’t look….there is always going to be differences like I’m sure you have as well…..stop complaining

  6. My thought would these tat haters pass up a guy like Johnny if they brought him home from a bar and found he had tats when he got undressed. Think not.

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