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WILLIAM HIGGINS: Kolja Muskanec is a 26 year old straight guy from Brno. He is a bartender who enjoys sports, jogging and soccer. Right from the outset we are impressed by his fabulous bare chest. Not only that but his thick bush is peeping from the top of his jeans. Thing get better still as Kolja opens the jeans to show that thick bush and a tease of cock. Turning around he then pushes the jeans down further to show off his sexy ass. Then, having enjoyed that ass he turns again to reveal his soft, glistening cock. Kolja poses to show it off as it starts to grow too. He flexes his biceps, with a big smile on his face too. After sitting on the sofa to show his cock standing proud he kneels on the floor, with his ass showing off to the camera. He goes back to the sofa and lays down, lifting his legs in the air, this exposes his tight hole just perfectly. Having see it all Kolja isn’t finished as he works through a series of great poses to let us enjoy everything again.

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  1. got great eyes could gaze into them for hours .. takes away the lack of cock .. have say I’m a bit of a size queen .. just lacking down stairs

  2. What a fag
    I should teach that fag a lesson & make him put his cock in my arse&mouth & then back in my arse again that will show him

  3. What a dazzling beauty. His face and body are so sexy that I’m willing to forgive his small ass 😉 That crack bush has to go, though.

  4. I agree his eyes are a gorgeous color, but there’s just something a bit off about the way they’re set. The right one looks like it’s more “open” than the left–maybe he’s got a “lazy” left eye but his eyes in those last few shots at the bottom of the set look really mismatched.

  5. mmm nice furry tasty hole, after I rim him, tongue it and fuck it I might take him out and buy him a new pair of jeans

  6. For all those asking about his eye’s , could be he’s wearing contacts ? Otherwise he’s just hot as fuck, oh and the fur should stay, love to run my nose through it
    YUMMIE !

  7. geez !! when do you bunch of first world bored queens ever let up !!!! ???. good ol sicilian mikey reckons “there is something kinda off “about this guy, others say his eyes are set wrong, needs manscaping blah blah.. so lets see you imperfect dudes up here and get critiqued.. how about looking for the beauty within the world you see around you ??? you know it is okay to appreciate difference…this guy is naturally beautiful, his presentation to the camera is genuinely of himself..and if you need him to put sunglasses on because you cant handle his looking into you, it is because he is natural and authentic enough to show you his soul being….

    • You just can’t seem to keep my name out of your attacks…well, your weak attempts. See, IDGAF what you or anyone think. I’m entitled as a member here to say what I feel. Let me explain something…there are many times I don’t even put half of what I want. I refrain from really saying what I feel. And speaking of that, if I could, I’d wipe my ass with what you feel about me. To be honest, IDGAF about you, your thoughts, or anything. Don’t like me? That’s your problem, not mine.

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