MODEL OF THE DAY: Mike Matters (13 pics)


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A handsome, swarthy young man in ripped jeans or a wet undershirt showing off his lean, toned body would be nice sight to behold on a regular basis.  On a stroll through a local park, you’d see a pantless young man fondling his balls and uncut cock—just a bit of beauty in an otherwise mundane scene.

Courtesy of Colt Studio.

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  1. ^I’ll take a shaved bush anyday…just means I can get really rough while tongue wrestling with his python without getting ‘leaves and vines’ in my mouth.

    I will say, though…that’s a very odd head shape. Whatever his height, his head alone must count for a foot…which wouldn’t be too odd if it weren’t so narrow.

    Haven’t I seen him on Easter Island?

  2. A great looking guy, hot face but pics became less interesting due to sae location a very change in body pose. More variety in shots be hotter.

  3. Very hot guy! I’ll agree needs more bush, but not that big of deal. Pics would’ve been hotter with a location change. Wet t-shirt pics would’ve been sexyer with boxers.

  4. Exquisite uncut cock, hot masculine man, tatts r fine,
    would like more hot stubble and a fuzzy pubic forest !!!!

  5. very nice looking guy luv to lick him all over. Would have been nice to have a shot of his hot ass though!

  6. YET another BALD SHAVED DICK, why do these models do it? as it isn’t sexy and looks vile (shaved dicks is my pet hate)

  7. I agree a nice lickable arse shot would be nice but would stoll love to go to town on that nice uncut meat mmm

  8. What an absolute stud, I think he’s perfect just the way he is, I certainly wouldn’t object to him having his way with me…

  9. Perfect in every way!! Sexy as hell, shaved or trimmed is much better and IS much sexier than the unruly look. Love the foreskin too, unusual for an American unfortunately, if he is American that is? Yum Yum!!

  10. Like to take him on a ten day camping trip with no soap, and totally molest him in his sweaty sleep in the tent on the last night out, cleaning up that foreskin with my tongue.

  11. He’s gorgeous, but oddly enough I am totally distracted by his weird hand positions and the fact that he isn’t touch himself, anywhere, in any of the shots

  12. Totally hot!! but would be even hotter with body hair.Great cock, natural, the way a cock should look.

  13. Loved the wet tshirt aspect, beautiful cock 4skin et al,bod and mayb nice to see some bush but perfect anyway

  14. His head looks perfectly normal and proportional to me. Then again, it took me a few minutes to look up that far.

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